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Function of BEKOSPLIT® splitting plant

Separation of oil/water emulsion

For the preliminary purification, the wastewater is supplied to the preseparation container via a pressure reliefchamber. The separated oil is discharged automatically, and the liquid levels are monitored by a capacitive electronic system that distinguishes accurately between air, oil and emulsion. This ensures that emulsion cannot get into the oil collector, and free parts cannot enter the splitting process.The pretreated wastewater is then pumped into the reaction chamber for fully automatic treatment. The reaction process uses a non­toxic natural alumina mineral which is stored in a metering unit and stirred into the wastewater in amounts precisely adapted to the particular application. The splitting agent encapsulates the oil and dirt particles. This results in easily filterable macro flocs which are then removed by a bag filter. The purified water can now be discharged into the sewerage system.