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EVERDRY Combitroc CT, combined efficiently

Adsorptions- und Kältetrockner kombiniert

Design Characteristics

  • Adjustable for summer and winter operation
  • Complete concept including piping, fittings, pre-filter and post-filter
  • Adsorption dryer with redundancy function, means:
    usable, even if the cold dryer is not available

Ideal in summer and winter

The EVERDRY COMBITROC ensures optimum processing by combining the best of refrigeration and adsorption dryers. The refrigeration dryer saves on energy by providing a pressure dew point of +3 °C. If this is not sufficient, then the system automatically switches to the heat-regenerated adsorption dryer, creating a pressure dew point of -40 °C.

Design Data

Pressure Dewpoint:    -40°C
Volume Flow:   1050 – 2520 m³/h
Operating Pressure:   4 - 10 bar g
Inlet Temperature:   5 - 35 °C
Ambient Temperature:        5 - 40 °C max.
Max. suction conditions for blower:   35°C/40% or 30°C/50% r.F.

Sizing at operating conditions exceeding a.m. defined limitations on request