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Essentials Training of Compressed Air

This training mainly covers drying processes by means of refrigerant- membrane- and adsorption technology, oil free treatment with adsorption and catalytic convertion and measurement technology as kind of "door-opener". The main part of the training consists of case studies where solutions are developed within groups of 2-4 people and presented to all participants. The following products will be considered: DRYPOINT RA, DRYPOINT AC, DRYPOINT M, CLEARPOINT V, BEKOKAT. We will also select a variety of sensors from our METPOINT portfolio to analyze and monitor the result of compressed air treatment accordingly. Last but not least EVERDRY, our heat regenerated desiccant dryers will give us a forecast of energy efficient and reliable compressed air drying processes.

Aiming on sharing experience hence knowledge from each other, the training requires a basic knowledge of the compressed air business. Therefore we strictly recommend at first to go through our eLearning course “Basics of Compressed Air Technology” and to prove your knowledge by passing the Know-How-Check at the end of the eLearning course.

Venue and cost regulation

The Essentials Training of Compressed Air will be held at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES in Neuss, Germany. Your participation is free of charge, only travel costs are on your expense.

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