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FAQ about the correct and sustainable maintenance of your BEKOMAT 3x units

BEKOMAT 33 Wartung
Why is the purchase of a new service unit worth more than just maintenance?
  • BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers you 2 years manufacturer's warranty and functional safety for a pressure-tested device.
  • It is then no longer necessary to precisely check all pressure-carrying parts for possible damage or ageing.
  • For units maintained by third parties, however, the supplier will only give you a 1-year warranty. In the end, a new purchase is worthwhile not only technically but also in terms of price.
Why are the service units of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES caulked?
  • The service units are caulked in order to eliminate risks due to improper installation outside the factory production.
  • Our service units are all individually pressure-tested to ensure maximum safety and process reliability. By caulking, we ensure the individually tested quality. 

Did you know?

"Refurbished" or "general overhaul" are not protected terms, it can be anything from a basic overhaul to a short cleaning.

On the other hand, a factory guarantee or CE certificate confirms certain manufacturing and testing requirements.

Why should the service units be replaced after two years?
  • Plastic parts age. Repeated dismantling and prolonging the service life increases the risk of stress cracking and brittle fracture.
  • Pre-damage is not always visible
  • Only the replacement of the valve unit ensures that even the inaccessible areas and the electrical contacts are clean and functional.
And what happens to the old service units?

The parts are completely recyclable, so sustainability is guaranteed. 


Why is the exchange of the service unit by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES the right way?

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is certified as a manufacturer and we offer a two-year factory warranty for all service units delivered for the BEKOMAT.

Original spare parts ensure a perfect function. This way you know exactly that neither third-party nor unnecessary spare parts get into your BEKOMAT!

Please bear in mind that improper tightening of the screws can lead to cracks in the diaphragm receptacle, which in turn can lead to leaks when pressure is applied. In the event of damage to a third party and if we can prove that the service unit has been opened, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES will not accept any liability.

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The easy exchange of the service unit of our BEKOMAT 3x series

The design allows the replacement of all wear parts or parts requiring maintenance at once: the old maintenance unit is removed quickly and easily and a new, factory-tested unit is installed instead. Separating and connecting the two modules does not require any tools - everything is done in the shortest time and with a few simple steps.