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Do you have a favourite glass?

We find glass in its various forms everywhere and it is one of the most used materials in our everyday lives. Regardless of whether we are looking through a window, at a mirror, a water glass or a pair of glasses - every glass goes through a very elaborate and qualitatively strictly monitored manufacturing process in which the highest demands are made especially on the compressed air used there. In order to guarantee perfect quality and a trouble-free production process, the glass manufacturing industry and the VDMA have defined certain classes for the compressed air used.

Why is clean compressed air so important for glass production?

Because even small impurities, pressure or temperature fluctuations can affect the quality of the glass in such a way that entire batches become unusable. The compressed air used must therefore be free of impurities and constantly maintain the desired pressure. This requires careful treatment, since compressed air is generated by the compressor from ambient air drawn in. Particularly in areas with large temperature fluctuations, oil-contaminated condensates together with particles can clog lines and valves or contaminate the glass directly.

Attention must also be paid to the quality of the compressed air when cooling the glass. Contaminants such as oil vapour or fluctuating pressure, for example due to stuck nozzles or valves, can cause stress changes that cause the glass to crack or alter its surface. The result is an unusable end product - and even if this can be returned to the production cycle as raw material, efficiency still suffers.

For a product whose manufacture runs continuously 365 days a year, smooth production processes are indispensable. Repairs or a plant standstill are a major problem. High-quality reconditioned compressed air can solve such production problems, ensure continuity and increase cost efficiency.

What solutions are available?

Condensate- and oil-free compressed air provides the ideal basis for smoothly running manufacturing processes and a low-maintenance plant. Additional measurement technology provides control over all processes in production and problems can be quickly identified and remedied. This reduces repair breaks and ensures stability and efficiency.

On the following pages you can learn more about the influence of compressed air on the production and finishing of glass and glass products.

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