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Energetically favorable - in every respect

Reducing the CO2 load

Global warming is on everyone's lips. Whether through Greta Thunberg, the Fridays for Future initiative or the VW emissions scandal at the time, the population is sensitized to the topic of climate protection and the personal CO2 balance. The Corona era has also brought about a change in thinking, especially in the professional environment - online meetings instead of getting on the next plane, working from home instead of rushing into rush hour traffic at 7AM in the morning.

Sustainability is also one of the values to which the entire BEKO  TECHNOLOGIES family is committed. Starting with the manufacture of the entire product range of compressed air dryers, compressed air filters, compressed air measurement technology, condensate drains, the entire compressed air treatment, to sustainability in the workplace or the commitment to social projects - sustainability has a high priority at BEKO  TECHNOLOGIES.

Eco Label

With the models of the eco series, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES' compressed air treatment offers enormous savings potential, as these are characterized by their distinctly environmentally friendly energy efficiency.

All branches of industry and in particular the chemical, pharmaceutical or automotive industries can benefit from this. These are known for their intensive energy requirements. This also includes compressed air treatment as a so-called tertiary energy consumption. The automotive industry in particular is characterized by progressive digitalization, which is also reflected in the production processes. These in turn are based on a preceding energy forecast. In such a simulation, both electricity and compressed air consumption are considered. In the chemical industry, the high energy consumption is reflected by complex piping networks. The challenge here is to ensure a reduction in the idling of blower, conveyor and exhaust systems. In the pharmaceutical industry, the highest compressed air quality is required. This requires various compressed air components, such as dryers and filters, which, at the end of the day, are responsible for crucial energy consumption. Basically, it can be said that in the end 35% of the costs of an industrial plant can be traced back to energy and this proportion must be reduced.

The comparison

A conventional dryer is initially attractive because of the lower investment costs. At second glance, however, it becomes apparent that the lower-priced dryer is associated with higher consumption costs in use. The running costs of such a dryer thus represent a permanently higher price commitment.

In addition, the differential pressure should also be taken into account. Unfavorable flow conditions in dryers require compensation for the pressure drop and significantly reduce energy efficiency. Leakages additionally cost the user dearly if not prevented by measurement technology and corrosion protection. Intelligent IIoT 4.0 systems are also conquering the field of compressed air preparation and thus creating transparency in terms of consumption, performance and potential savings.


The Eco model DP RA70 from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES achieves more than 55% cost savings compared to conventional refrigeration dryers.

A high pressure drop in the refrigeration dryer must be compensated by an increased compressor capacity and the associated additional energy requirement. The consequences are unnecessary energy consumption and significantly higher operating costs. In the DRYPOINT RA refrigeration dryers, the pressure drop has therefore been reduced to an absolute minimum. Key elements here are the flow-optimized heat exchanger, a demister for reliable separation and generously dimensioned components that ensure a low pressure drop of 0.16 bar on average in full-load operation.

To ensure a good ecological balance, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES uses an environmentally and ozone-friendly refrigerant with a particularly favorable GWP value (Global Warming Potential).


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