Learning concept

  • Learning anywhere in the world, not restricted by time and setting
  • Effective e-Learning arrangement with clear learning targets
  • Interactive content with videos, real life examples in a gamified manner
  • Learning segments can be divided individually. Total learning time approx. 8 hours
  • Compatible with any device and common browser

Included learning modules

  • Compressed air - the motor of the industry
  • The compressor
  • Basics of filtration
  • Air humidty
  • Drying in compressed air systems
  • Condensate drain
  • Condensate treatement
  • Prevention of energy loss


Understand the complexity of compressed air technology and know the fundamentals of treatment systems involved to achieve the quality required for numerous compressed air applications.


Your training and knowledge acquired in the course is linked to your practical experience in the industry.


This course is designed for people that are new to the compressed air business as well as users who enjoy refreshing and enhancing their existing knowledge.


Exchange of knowledge is essential to improve the performance of your team and helps you to run your compressed air application safely and efficiently.

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