Professionals Training

Oil free or lubricated compression? Oil free compressed air with catalytic conversion or adsorption? Place the vessel upstream or downstream the treatment system? Is an "eco"-dryer really the better choice? What's the benefit of measurement equipment? The answers to these and a lot more questions will be examined at the Professionals Training courses. Our training methods focus on group works dealing with real life case studies combined with additional input from the trainer team are well-proven by their application in our Energy Competence Training. Additionally sharing experience with sales and service people will be most beneficial.

A solid education in compressed air technology and experience in our business is essential. Passing the first 2 steps of our education program and gathering several months experience during this time would, for example, match these requirements.

Your expectations are highly appreciated. Please use the Inquiry Form to leave your needs in professional compressed air education. You will receive information about upcoming Professionals Training courses accordingly.

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