What you should consider when restarting your compressed air system

When the sudden impact of the Covid-19 outbreak hit, many manufacturing companies found the need to reduce or even halt their production. The compressed air system’s that are extensively used in many production processes were also affected by this reduction and shutdown. Most manufacturing facilities forget that when a compressed air system is temporarily shut down or are only used in a reduced capacity, when they are restarted, there could be some unpleasant surprises in store especially when the compressed air systems are not turned off / decommissioned in the correct manor.

So, what are the risks and what preventative action can be taken.

A lot of these systems will have been shut down abruptly and without any precautions or plan. To make sure the system is fit for full production, there are a number of things that can and should be checked. 

Over the next 8 days, BEKO will be publishing our top tips to consider when you are restarting your compressed Air System.