Education is an ongoing process that keeps you fit for your daily business challenges.

The BEKO Education Center offers a variety of digital training content. One of these is webinars on various compressed air technology topics. These webinars are designed in an interactive format where you have the opportunity to participate in various question and answer sessions between the sections of the presentation.

Whether you prefer live online webinars or recorded offline versions, you will always benefit from either learning new content or refreshing existing knowledge and experience.

The BEC trainer team looks forward to welcoming you next time.

Review: recently recorded webinars

If you have missed a webinar, please feel free to use our recorded versions on topics such as

  • Filtration in compressed air systems
  • Measurement technology for compressed air systems
  • Oil-free compressed air

The teaser video provides you with a brief insight of what to expect

You can find the full-length videos in our Academy.

More about the Academy

Would you like to find out more about compressed air and compressed air treatment? Take a look at our other learning offers!


  • E-Learning courses
  • Recorded webinars
  • Presentations
  • Learning videos
  • Tutorials

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  • Exchange of experience
  • Hands-on training
  • Practical group work
  • Intensive training
  • Wide range of subjects

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