Respiratory Air

Compressed air can - in addition to its numerous areas of application in production processes for varying industries - be utilised as respiratory air. Respiration for people is subjected to, of course, the highest purity criteria, which thereby requires constant monitoring. In principle, one has to differentiate between the application as medical respiratory air and the application in the industrial sector. 

Respiratory gas in industry

Mechanical and automotive engineering involve many activities in the immediate vicinity of dusts, paint and aerosols; in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as in research facilities, also in the context of far more dangerous substances. In order to ensure that these substances do not therefore ingress into the respiratory tract of staff involved in the activities and create harmful effects, respiratory protection masks are normally utilised. In some cases, the staff must even wear airtight protective suits and will also then be supplied with breathing-quality gas. The values for the residual oil content and degree of drying for respiratory air are specified in DIN EN 12021.

Medical respiratory air – Aer medicalis

Medical respiratory air as medicinal products is subject to the directives of the European Pharmacopoeia as well as various other DIN directives because the artificial respiration of human beings demands the highest levels of sensitivity and awareness. Even the smallest amount of air contamination can significantly endanger the patient´s well-being. Clinics must especially guarantee 24/7 monitoring to be able to ensure that the strictly regulated limits in the respiratory air are not exceeded. 

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