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Safe and efficient condensate separation: ÖWAMAT®

ÖWAMAT has been a tried and tested oil-water separation system for dispersed condensates for decades. It has been awarded a building regulation´s approval for the versions with and without free oil separation, for synthetic or mineral oils as well as for processing condensate generated by piston- and screw compressors, therefore not requiring any legislation for water protection approval. 

Efficient condensate processing with the ÖWAMAT® oil-water separator

Legislators demand that discharged condensate is processed safely and properly. We support this – with our sustainability policy and an extensive range of condensate processing systems. Our ÖWAMAT oil-water separators are available as system-related in six sizes with or without pre-separation. They combine environmental protection and economic efficiency and enable the environmentally friendly treatment of dispersed condensate directly at the point of origin. That is economical, efficient - and the cost-effective alternative.  

German type approval

As the ÖWAMAT hereby fulfils all relevant German statutory requirements, the indirect discharge of the water cleaned by it into the sewer system is permitted on environmental grounds. That is why the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) has issued a type approval for all models with or without free oil separation used for the removal of synthetic or mineral oils, or for the processing of condensate produced in screw or piston compressors.

ÖWAMAT® makes condensate disposal simple

Oil-water separation at the turn of a hand – and even more uncomplicated for maintenance. ÖWAMAT filters impress with even more extended service life than conventional activated carbon filters and enable rapid exchanging as well as safe, waste-free disposal for the cartridge.

OEKOSORB ® cartridge for quick and clean exchange
Pre-filter with increased performance due to improved filter material
Adjustable connection in three directions

Function of ÖWAMAT®

For the processing, the oil-containing condensate first flows under pressure into the pressure relief chamber. Here, the pressure is reduced without causing turbulence in the downstream separating tank for the separation of free oils. Any entrained coarse dirt particles are retained in a removable receiver. In the separating tank, the oil settles on the surface as a result of gravity separation and is led into the spillproof oil receiver.

On our YouTube channel you will find more videos about our company, compressed air preparation and measuring technology.

Advantages of ÖWAMAT®


  • long service life of the filter units
  • no energy costs
  • calculable costs for cartridges, spare parts and disposal
  • fast amortisation
  • very high oil adsorption capacity of the filter


  • filter monitoring with integrated level indicator
  • simple waste water control with optical reference turbidity
  • functionally reliable even with fluctuating condensate quantities
  • optional: potential-free contact for passing on fault messages


  • user-friendly cartridge technology enables quick and clean changeover
  • variable connections (can be rotated to 3 positions) for up to 4 condensate inlets
  • uncomplicated retrofitting with heating for frost protection


  • production of OEKOSORB filter strips emits only 40% of CO2 in contrast to activated carbon
  • 5-fold increased adsorption capacity of OEKOSORB compared to activated carbon
  • container made of recyclable polyethylene material

Technical data ÖWAMAT®

ÖWAMAT 10 11 12 14 15 16
Minimum / maximum Compressor performance 1,4 ... 2,4 m³/min 2,8 ... 4,9 m³/min 4,2 ... 7,3 m³/min 8,4 ... 14,6 m³/min 16,9 ... 29,3 m³/min 33,8 ... 58,5 m³/min
Container capacity 10 l 18,6 l 30,6 l 61,3 l 115,5 l 228,4 l

* Screw compressors with turbine oil, additional performance data for other compressor models and operating oils, refer to Downloads Product Folder

Configurator for condensate processing

Do you need a system for processing the discharged condensate? Depending on the type of condensate (containing emulsion or dispersed), an oil-water separator or a splitting system is recommended. This tool will help you in choosing the appropriate product.

Configuration tool

Like all high-performance units, the ÖWAMAT needs to be serviced. We can hereby provide the suitable OEKOSORB filter set. Of course you can also contact our service technicians. In addition, we can make an assessment of your entire compressed air treatment system and assist you with the optimisation accordingly.

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Downloads ÖWAMAT®

Competence in Condensate
Product Range
6 MB
ÖWAMAT 10 | 11 | 12 | 14 | 15 | 16
502 KB
2 MB
1 MB
OEWAMAT 12/14/15/16
3 MB
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