Essentials Training

The Training

The Essentials Training is based on the Basics Training. It is performed as a classroom event in group work by our experienced trainers and compressed air specialists. The training is ideally suited for users, dealers, service technicians, purchasers and everyone else interested in compressed air treatment.


The focus of the Essential Training is on the compressed air quality classes according to ISO 8573.1 and its meaning and the problem-solving products from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES. In many practical application examples from the industry the connections are vividly conveyed. Therefore it always focusses on the required quality classes, energy efficiency and the best implementation of compressed air treatment products.

Learning Method

In order to optimally deepen the technical information conveyed, existing compressed air systems are analysed and hidden potentials are revealed - especially under the aspect of energy efficiency and other possible improvements. After successful completion, all participants receive a certificate.

Service technicians, distributors, dealers, planners and users regardless of their level of experience

  • Analysis of a compressed air system
  • Required treatment of compressed air
  • Helpful measurement technology
  • Influences of dynamic operating conditions
  • Possible solutions for the user

Completed Basics Training, first experiences in the compressed air industry are recommended

3-day classroom event in a group of 10 to 20 people

The practice must not be missed - hands-on units are fixed components of the trainings

In small to medium sized groups learning through dialogue and exchange is easy

Our spacious showroom is suitable and ideal for practical trainings in the compressed air preparation


Venue and cost regulation

The Essentials Training of Compressed Air will be held at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES in Neuss, Germany. Your participation is free of charge, only travel costs are on your expense.