Professionals Training

The Training

The BEKO TECHNOLOGIES Professionals Training is based on the Essentials Training and goes even deeper into the compressed air treatment. This training is aimed at experienced colleagues who already accomplished the Basics and Essentials Trainings and bring practical experience in compressed air treatment.


Our Professionals Trainings always deal with a specific main topic. These focus points are set to discuss specific topics, applications or problems in greater detail. Focus points for Professionals Trainings can be versatile – for instance compressed air in the food industry or also with specific metrology applications. Please feel free to contact us directly and ask which focus point will be on the agenda for our next Professionals Training. We also happy to receive suggestions for focus points.

Learning Method

Complex compressed air station designs for different qualities of compressed air are analysed. Depending on the topic and focus of the training, also market players and competitors will be looked at in order to get a panoramic view of the market. All these topics are presented in a practical and descriptive way in our showroom in group work.

Experienced colleagues from the entire compressed air sector

Sound know-how and practical experience in compressed air technology as well as successfully completed Basics and Essentials Trainings

  • Compressed air filtration
  • Condensate technology
  • High pressure drying
  • Cooling, membrane and adsorption drying
  • Compressed air for oil-free applications

2-day classroom event in a group of 10 to 20 people

Cancellation of classroom trainings and invitation to eLearning course

Due to the current situation, the BEKO Education Center had to cancel all its scheduled on-site trainings and seminars for the near future.

But even in these stormy waters, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES will be a strong partner and will provide you opportunities to educate yourself in compressed air. For this reason, we are happy to invite you joining our interactive eLearning course free of charge, to continue your education without leaving home.

We are looking forward to welcome you to one of our classroom trainings soon and will keep you updated here.  

To join our eLearning course please click the following link: