Flexible compressed air analysis with the new generation METPOINT® MCA

Continuous monitoring is essential for the functioning of your compressed air system. However, measurements may be necessary at locations where no stationary measuring equipment is (yet) installed. The METPOINT MCA ("Measuring Compressed Air") is a mobile and flexible solution for these situations.

The METPOINT MCA mobile measuring unit is available in various equipment variants. With all variants, the residual oil content of the compressed air can be measured and evaluated and documented via the integrated data logger. With option P, the METPOINT MCA is additionally equipped with a high-precision particle counter in order to be able to detect even the smallest solids down to 0.1 µm. Option S includes additional sensors in a case for recording humidity, volume flow, pressure and temperature, including accessories. The options can be combined according to individual requirements.

The configuration variants can be found in the table below.

Overview of Advantages and Facts

  • Precise oil vapour detection using high-precision PID sensor technology
  • Reproducible accuracy of the oil vapour measured values due to reference gas generation (catalyst principle)
  • Automatic monitoring of reference gas and sensor electronics
  • Recording of all data in the integrated data logger METPOINT BDL
  • High-precision measuring methods from the proven METPOINT portfolio
  • Measuring range oil vapour from ≤ 0.01 ... 2.5 mg/m³
  • Pressure range from 3 ... 16 bar
  • Can be used directly because supplied completely assembled
  • Easy-to-read 7" touch display for visualization of measured values and easy configuration
  • Sturdy aluminium frame with lockable wheels
  • Easily accessible compressed air connection
  • Common power supply with main switch
  • Cover plate for protection during transport
  • Flexible use at different locations

Dimensions of the METPOINT® MCA

Content "Sensor Case"

Sturdy transport case with the following sensors:

  • Dew point sensor
  • Volume flow sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Connection cable for all sensors (each 5 m long)
  • 5 m compressed air hose for connecting the METPOINT MCA to the compressed air line

Did you know?

In addition to selling it to your customers, it also makes sense to include the device in your own inventory:

As a profitable additional business, you can carry out quality checks at the customer and give him recommendations for optimising his compressed air quality and station.

Configuration Variants

Residual oil content (oil vapour) [mg/m3] x x x x
Particle concentration [cts/m3]     x x
Pressure dew point [°Ctd]   x   x
Temperature [°C]   x   x
Relative humidity[%]   x   x
Volume flow compressed air   x   x
Operating pressure [bar(g)]   x   x
Gas velocity compressed air [m/s]   x   x

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