Learn more about the use of compressed air in the pharmaceutical industry in the whitepaper!

  • Why is compressed air an important component for process reliability?
  • What compressed air quality must be maintained during production?
  • Are there laws and guidelines? What is the significance of the DIN ISO standard 8573-1?
  • How do impurities get into the compressed air?
  • How can compressed air quality be monitored?

  • Quality manager
  • Technical managers
  • Media officer
  • Production manager
  • Compressed air manager
  • Maintenance staff

Compressed air for pharmaceuticals

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BEKO TECHNOLOGIES – Compressed Air Intelligence

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is an expert in the field of compressed air treatment and monitoring. We offer safe solutions for stable production processes. Thanks to many years of manufacturer expertise and specialized branch sales, we know the requirements and challenges of your branch exactly.

In this whitepaper, which is specially tailored to production companies in the pharmaceutical industry, we share our knowledge: You will receive answers to the question of why compressed air is a decisive factor in the production process and why compressed air treatment cannot be dispensed with in many areas of application even when using an oil-free compressor.

In addition to relevant guidelines and laws, special attention is paid to the quality of compressed air: You will learn that different applications of compressed air - e.g. as process air, control air or clean room air - have different quality requirements. In addition, we explain the sources of possible impurities such as microorganisms, oils, moisture and particles and show how compressed air can be processed into a sterile, oil-free and dry condition. Using practical examples, we also explain why systematic compressed air treatment, 24/7 monitoring and complete documentation are essential for process reliability in pharmaceutical production.


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