Product design at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES

For anyone looking at a machinery plant, a chemical park or a production line, the most important thing is that every machine and piece of equipment is in the right place and that everything functions efficiently. To ensure this, machines and equipment must be designed in such a way that they fit well into the processes, are easy to operate and you can quickly identify their tasks. If all these aspects are fulfilled, it is good product and industrial design.

Product design makes a product tangible, usable and operable. It ensures that devices and machines are understandable, durable and environmentally friendly while providing a positive user experience. A good example from everyday life is intuitive smartphones.

An important factor here, in addition to the aspects mentioned above, is the high level of brand recognition. "Anyone who looks at a compressed air preparation unit or a compressor room in the future and sees units with our new design installed there will know: these are from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES," says Angelika Janßen, Product Specialist at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES. "A good approach for recognising our brand, because BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has claims to its own products that were not always clearly recognisable on the outside in the past."

So, it was time to optimise and unify the appearance and design of the various product categories. For Angelika Janßen, the reason is obvious. "We are a company that brings reliable, sustainable and efficient products to the market. Our responsibility does not stop with the delivery of our products but should be experienced precisely during their use."

For several years, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has therefore been working with a defined guideline for the development of new products. It ensures a tidy, easy-to-grasp appearance, visually separates manual and digital elements on the respective unit and clearly marks the brand and model. What is visually easy to grasp can be worked with efficiently. Because not only efficiency, but also sustainability will play an increasingly important role in future developments in the industry.