The BEKOMAT - a success story

Did you know that our classic product is a child of the 80s? In 1982 to be precise, because in that year the founder of today's BEKO TECHNOLOGIES, Berthold Koch, brought the first BEKOMAT onto the market.
As the first sensor- and electronically level-controlled condensate drain, it was a complete novelty at the time. And like all innovations, the BEKOMAT needed a little time to prove its strengths. But its process reliability was quickly convincing because condensate drainage at that time functioned either via timed solenoid valves or via manual drainage - both of which were inadequate. Especially with seasonal temperature fluctuations. So the BEKOMAT was a small revolution.

Compressor manufacturers and compressed air users saw it the same way and put our condensate drain on the road to success. And it was a success! Soon its name became synonymous with safe and reliable condensate discharge.
Since the BEKOMAT grew with the demands of the industry and soon had model series that e.g. could work in explosion protection areas or with multi-stage compressors, it had quickly conquered the international stage after the German market.
More market shares bring more market requirements - and so the BEKOMAT continued to push the development envelope in order to evolve and meet all demands. In 2005, the little classic had a very special birthday: the millionth BEKOMAT was produced! You can celebrate something like that and also be a little bit proud. A milestone on a long development path that was far from over.
It continued seamlessly with several new models and adaptations and held another highlight in store in 2021.

Following advancing digitalisation, the IIoT, networking and data analysis in production plants, our BEKOMAT developed into a real digital player. The BEKOMAT i4.0 can be easily integrated into IIoT-controlled production and process flows and reliably performs both its previous and new tasks: discharging condensate, being maintained remotely and constantly supplying data. In this way, compressed air applications in production can be optimised and the best compressed air quality can be ensured and documented. A true evolution from a classic to a model of the future. Would you like to learn more about the latest version of the BEKOMAT? Click here.

Would you like to find out more about the latest version of the BEKOMAT? Click here.