Management succession

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES Appoints Yannick Koch as Managing Director

Setting the course at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES: Yannick Koch (35) joined the management team of the manufacturer specializing in compressed air and compressed gas technology on January 1. The eldest son of company founder Berthold Koch will work in a team with his colleague Norbert Strack (53) to drive forward the digital transformation in the product portfolio of the family-owned company. The previous Managing Director Manfred Lehner (62) is retiring after almost 30 years of meritorious service to BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

Important innovations planned

As the new Managing Director, Yannick Koch is responsible for Sales, Service, Product Management, Marketing and Human Resources. Co-Managing Director Norbert Strack will now take over Finance and IT in addition to his responsibilities for Research and Development, Production, Supply Chain and Quality. Together they will push the focus on customer orientation, quality and innovation within the corporate strategy and increasingly target the markets in Asia, Central and South America. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is investing unabatedly in development despite the Corona pandemic and is also planning several important product launches in 2021. "The goal is the fully networked compressed air treatment of the future. In addition to many innovations, the social values of the family-owned company remain unchangeable for us," reads the announcement by Yannick Koch.

Experience with digitization projects

Yannick Koch has been working at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES since 2015, most recently as the successful Head of Global Corporate Development. Prior to that, the business administration graduate gained management experience in an international industrial company, where he was involved in various digitalization projects. In parallel to his professional work, Yannick Koch is an active shareholder of BEKO Holding, where he helps shape all socially relevant issues.

Great merits of Manfred Lehner

The retired Managing Director Manfred Lehner played a key role in shaping BEKO TECHNOLOGIES as a financial expert, analyst and strategist. After his appointment as Managing Director in 2007, he was responsible for the commercial affairs of the company. Under Lehner's leadership, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES embarked on a course of growth, opened several international branches and production facilities, entered important markets worldwide and increased its sales capacities. The group's sales more than doubled to over €100 million during Manfred Lehner's time on the board.