Essentials Training


此培訓主要包括透過冷凍技術、薄膜技術和吸附技術進行乾燥處理,採用吸附和催化轉化的無油處理,以及能當作敲門磚的測量技術。培訓主要包括案例研究,由2-4人的小組建立出解決方案,並向所有參與者報告。課程將探討以下產品:DRYPOINT RA冷凍式乾燥機、DRYPOINT AC無熱再生吸附式乾燥機、DRYPOINT M薄膜式乾燥機、CLEARPOINT V過濾器、BEKOKAT無油催化機。我們還將從METPOINT產品組合中選擇各種感應器,對壓縮空氣處理的結果進行分析監測。最後將介紹EVERDRY乾燥機。我們的加熱再生乾燥機可達到預期節能和可靠的壓縮空氣乾燥過程。


Service technicians, distributors, dealers, planners and users regardless of their level of experience

  • Analysis of a compressed air system
  • Required treatment of compressed air
  • Helpful measurement technology
  • Influences of dynamic operating conditions
  • Possible solutions for the user

Completed Basics Training, first experiences in the compressed air industry are recommended

3-day classroom event in a group of 10 to 20 people

The practice must not be missed - hands-on units are fixed components of the trainings

In small to medium sized groups learning through dialogue and exchange is easy

Our spacious showroom is suitable and ideal for practical trainings in the compressed air preparation

Cancellation of classroom trainings and invitation to eLearning course

Due to the current situation, the BEKO Education Center had to cancel all its scheduled on-site trainings and seminars for the near future.

But even in these stormy waters, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES will be a strong partner and will provide you opportunities to educate yourself in compressed air. For this reason, we are happy to invite you joining our interactive eLearning course free of charge, to continue your education without leaving home.

We are looking forward to welcome you to one of our classroom trainings soon and will keep you updated here.  

To join our eLearning course please click the following link: