How it all started.

It all began in 1982 in a small backyard garage in Düsseldorf. With many experiments and simple means, Berthold Koch developed the first electronically level-regulated condensate drain from an ingenious idea: the groundbreaking BEKOMAT. This invention not only solved one of the biggest problems in compressed air preparation. It was also the first step on the road to success for one of the world's leading companies for compressed air and compressed gas technology.

The Bekomat

The world's first electrically level-controlled capacitor trap Bekomat 1 laid the foundation for the success story. With its sensor technology, it was a pioneer for reliability and energy efficiency. Today, it would be called a "game changer.

Historical events

  • Helmut Kohl becomes chancellor
  • Falklands War
  • The Commodore C64 is released
  • Nicole wins the ESC with the song "Ein bischen Frieden".