The world is in upheaval.

Markets and supply chains are shifting and BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is establishing new subsidiaries and production sites to optimize logistics.

Aus BEKO wird BEKO

The expanded product range and the global commitment consequently lead to a change of the company name: BEKO Kondensattechnik GmbH becomes BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GmbH.

Historical events

  • The world exhibition takes place in Hanover 
  • The first iPod is released
  • Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings are shown in the cinema
  • The euro is introduced as a means of payment
  • Angela Merkel becomes Chancellor of Germany
  • The World Cup takes place in Germany

Further developments

In addition to numerous updates and upgrades to the existing compressed air treatment and condensate technology products, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is expanding its dryer portfolio. Compressed air refrigeration dryer DRYPOINT RA and adsorption dryer DRYPOINT AC complete the dryer program. With the catalytic converter BEKOKAT an efficient system for the treatment of oil-free compressed air is introduced to the market. Also in these years further foreign subsidiaries are founded.