All from one source

Oil-free compressed air is used especially in applications with process safety. The BEKOKAT catalytic converter realizes constant oil-free and sterile compressed air by total oxidation of hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water. The CLEARPOINT V activated carbon adsorbers are suitable for particularly large volume flows. In addition to a minimum residual oil content of only 0.003 mg/m³, they are convincing due to the low differential pressure with extremely low energy costs.

METPOINT Messtechnik

With its own METPOINT measuring technology product series, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers sensors that monitor all critical influencing variables in compressed air preparation: Pressure, dew point and volume flow, as well as leakages. The data obtained is evaluated and visualized in data loggers. The METPOINT OCV monitoring system reliably detects and controls the residual oil content in the compressed air and supports compliance with the compressed air quality.


With the EVERDRY adsorption dryers, the product and performance spectrum is considerably expanded. Dryer solutions for high volume flows, combined with individual engineering for the respective design and application, open up new customers and markets for the company internationally. 

Service Unit

The BEKOMAT 31,32 and 33 arresters have only one spare part with the service unit.

An end far too soon, a new beginning.

In 2007, only shortly after the company's 25th anniversary, the company founder Berthold Koch passes away completely unexpectedly. Without doubt a human caesura in the company's history, but one that is mastered with aplomb thanks to the company's enormous vitality. With the rapid appointment of a new management team consisting of long-standing employees and the managing partner family, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES retains its entrepreneurial continuity, strength and independence.