Launch of the BEKOMAT

The BEKOMAT is introduced to the market. Production grows and new employees join the team. Relocation within Düsseldorf. The steady growth of the company makes it necessary to move to new, larger premises in Neuss towards the end of the 80s.


The breakthrough

The BEKOMAT continues to develop, even today. In 1989, BEKOMAT 2, 3 and 6 came onto the market. The breakthrough began with these construction types.

Historical events

  • The Chernobyl disaster
  • Boris Becker wins Wimbledon for the second time 
  • The first Gulf War is over
  • The Berlin Wall falls
  • The first episode of The Simpsons is released
  • The first Love Parade takes place in Berlin

Development of ÖWAMAT

The market maturity of the BEKOMAT is followed by the development of solutions for condensate treatment - the ÖWAMAT. Within a few years, they make BEKO TECHNOLOGIES a world leader in condensate technology.

Special equipment development

Special devices for various applications in process technology complement the product range to this day: with explosion protection, no-load valve, for multi-stage compressors, for high pressure or applications in vacuum technology.

Relocation and time to grow

Even a move within Düsseldorf is not enough to stem growth. The company changes sides of the Rhine and builds in Neuss in the new Im Taubental industrial park. The move into the finished building takes place in 1989, during which time international contacts are established early on and cooperations lead to subsidiaries in Europe and the USA.