Become an expert in compressed air technology

The BEKO TECHNOLOGIES training concept about compressed air technology, directed to both, customers and company employees, is an interactive program to become professional in compressed air business. It’s design is highly based on exchange experience enhance knowledge while supporting learning progress continuously. Understand compressed air treatment as one unit is the primary target. Thus the learner will be enabled to advise the user concerning his compressed air application related to highest energy efficiency and quality matters. Getting into the basics of compressed air and its total treatment processes we follow with deep product knowledge, proper selection of involved components and finally end up with analysis and optimization of complexe compressed air systems.

Compressed Air Basics e-learning

The first step is easy to go from anywhere in the world with our eLearning course Basics of Compressed Air Technology. Not restricted by time and, simultaneously, dealing with the resources of the company and employees in an efficient and target-orientated manner. For all who comes in contact with compressed air.


Compressed Air Essentials

One step forward to learn compressed air technology is to participate in our Essentials Training of Compressed Air. During three days the learners gain the essential knowledge about reliable and efficient compressed air treatment systems. In small groups, energy efficient and quality oriented solutions to treat compressed air will be created. For service technician, sales people, dealers, endusers and project engineers a perfect preparation to manage projects successfully.


Compressed Air Professionals

A closer look at the details about single products or a specific requirement on compressed air quality is what you will have during our Professionals Training. Content oriented scheduled, in 1 or 2 days participants with different levels of experience come together to create perfect solutions in compressed air treatment to match the customer application needs with respect to energy efficiency, air quality and system reliability. For those who always have a question unanswered.