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Maintenance and Service Agreement

You will receive a reliable source of compressed air quality with regular inspections and continuous maintenance. Prevent increased costs due to unexpected operational downtimes. Concluding a maintenance and service contract will ensure that your system is regularly inspected and tested by our experts, so that any potential problems are detected punctually. We can professionally execute repairs for compressed air components and calibration of compressed air measuring devices.

Concluding a service agreement guarantees you a response for remedying damage within 24 hours. After each service call-out, you receive a detailed report of all work performed on site. Furthermore, we can provide you with an extension to the statutory guarantee: Cover 4 More.

Your Advantage

  • Regular testing of your compressed air/compressed gas system
  • Professional maintenance, repair and calibration
  • Original spare and wearing parts
  • Test runs, leak and function tests before ( re-) commissioning
  • Fast response by our service technicians in the event of malfunctions
  • Comprehensive service agreements and documentation

Inspection and Maintenance

For us, it's safety first! It is a well-known fact that regular inspections and preventive maintenance are much more cost-effective than unscheduled repairs. Inspecting your compressed air processing and treatment ensures that you can achieve increased profitability by detecting damage at an early stage and remedying it. We provide inspection and maintenance by specialists.

Utilise our expertise for an inspection of your compressed air processing and treatment with the following focal points:

  • Inspection for damage, fixing and completeness
  • Inspection and adjustment of technical process-related parameters
  • Inspection of components and electronics

Inspection and maintenance are investments for your safety.

Maintenance works are required to ensure that your compressed air station operates at maximum capacity as well as efficiency and economically during its entire service life. Depending on the manufacturer's specifications, this must be implemented at periodic intervals for the various components of your compressed air system

As specialists for high-performance compressed air technology, we are of course familiar with all your operating requirements and the statutory provisions. Our service staff will execute the inspection and maintenance on site using only original spare and wearing parts for BEKO TECHNOLOGIES products and systems and will create a detailed inspection protocol or a maintenance report.

Repair Work

Despite all precautionary measures and regular maintenance, unforeseen repairs can still be necessary. This therefore results in interruptions for working processes, the worst case scenario will be production shut down. In order to reduce production interruptions to a minimum, you need a specialist and product knowledgeable, fast repair.

Our skilled personnel can execute the majority of repairs already on site. For certain repairs, we need to bring your facility back to our workshop. In this case, only original BEKO TECHNOLOGIES spare and wearing parts are utilised.  

Prior to any work, we will of course submit a detailed costs estimate. Following a successful repair, our service team will provide you with a detailed report covering all tasks performed and spare parts used.


Quality is the result of controlled processes. Measurement technology from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES provides the data basis for monitoring and evaluation of the relevant parameters of your compressed air.

In order to guarantee trouble-free and safe functionality for your technical measuring components, we recommend that they are regularly calibrated and adjusted periodically. This also includes cleaning the measuring devices, as continued use creates contamination that can affect the measurement results.

We will inspect and calibrate your measuring device with observance of and compliance with a certified quality assurance system according to the international quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001. Your measured values thereby comply with the demands of the quality assurance guidelines. The data collected in the process is of course also of great use for additional optimisation of your compressed air station.

Maintenance contracts

Service Agreements

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES provides comprehensive service agreements for customers who attach great importance to the efficiency and security of their investment and would like to calculate with fixed maintenance costs over a fixed, agreed period of time.

Our service agreements are tailor-made to your individual needs and requirements. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GMBH undertakes to provide the required services for maintenance or malfunctions and supply wearing parts during the entire term of the contract. Responding for remedying damage rectification will be executed within 24 hours by one of our qualified service technicians.

Important components of the service agreements are:

  • Inspecting and, if necessary, subsequent adjustment of functional and safety-relevant components
  • Complete service documentation and compliance with accident prevention regulations
  • Rapid response times via an extensive and well-stocked spare parts warehouse
  • The contract term will be individually adapted to your requirement.
Cover 4 More

You need more security? We can provide an extension to the guarantee period with Cover 4 More.

The Cover 4 More guarantee extension from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES secures your investment up to 6 years, whereby we extend the statutory guarantee period of two years from the time of commissioning by an additional four years. This means that you have maximum downtime security at fixed, calculated costs of 12% of the purchase price.

The prerequisites for this is the correct commissioning and compliance with all provisions according to the operating instructions. Cover 4 More is only valid in association with a valid service agreement.

We can provide Cover 4 More with the following products as well as associated components:
> BEKOMAT® (only on request)