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Economic oil-free compressed air with activated carbon adsorbers

In order to ensure high compressed air quality with compressed air class 1-2 in accordance with ISO 8573-1, in particular with regard to the residual oil content, the CLEARPOINT V activated-carbon adsorber is the effective and reliable technical component in demanding system designs.

The consistent overall concept guarantees compressed air quality with a minimum residual oil content extremely cost-efficiently. Oil vapours and odours are adsorbed on the unusually large active surface of the compression-moulded activated carbon pellets. When selecting our activated carbon, we work together with selected suppliers who guarantee consistent carbon quality. A major advantage for your compressed air quality and process reliability.

Depending on the compressed air volume required, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES can offer you the suitable solutions.

By connecting several activated carbon adsorbers in parallel, respective higher volume flows can be processed.

CLEARPOINT® V S/M activated carbon cartridges

CLEARPOINT V activated carbon cartridge for small and medium volume flows

For small and medium volume flows up to 200 m³/h and pressures up to 50 bar [g], our CLEARPOINT V S/M offer a clean solution for oil-free treatment.

A special activated carbon cartridge has been developed for maximum requirement profiles.

  • Highly efficient adsorption with minimum residual oil content
  • Significantly higher service lives than conventional activated carbon filter elements
  • Service-friendly with easy to exchange cartridge
  • Conventional testing technology can easily be adapted

CLEARPOINT® V L activated carbon adsorber

CLEARPOINT V activated carbon adsorbers for large volume flows

The extraordinary range of variants of the CLEARPOINT V L available offer you the suitable solution for every requirement. For volume flows up to 8200 m³/h and pressures up to 40 bar [g].

CLEARPOINT V L is the effective and reliable solution for ensuring a high compressed air quality, particularly in terms of the residual oil content. An indispensable technical component in demanding system designs. Advanced overall design for outstanding performance.

In addition to our standard versions L 205-295 V, L 1250-8200 V for volume flows from 135 m³/h to 8200 m³/h, we also offer a suitable option for the pressure range up to 40 bar in the form of our L 1300-5000 V HP (1300 - 5000 m³/h). If particular care is required in terms of fire protection, we can deliver all models in a VH version on request, which provides a combustion-resistant solution thanks to special carbon.

Advantages of CLEARPOINT® V


  • low operating costs
  • low differential pressure
  • long service life


  • efficient oil vapour adsorption with special activated carbon for max. residual oil content of 0.003 mg/m³
  • complete solution with oil-free dust filter


  • oil test indicator or
  • METPOINT OCV compact - residual oil content monitoring to safeguard production processes

And how does the activated carbon adsorb the oil in the compressed air?

Find out how activated carbon works in the field of compressed air treatment and what is important when you have an activated carbon adsorber in operation in your compressed air network.

Technical data CLEARPOINT® V

    Activated carbon filter with cartridge Activated-carbon-adsorber Activated-carbon-adsorber High-pressure-activated-carbon-adsorber
Parameter Unit S055 – M018 VWM (HP) L 205 - 295 V
L 205 - 295 VWM
L 205 - 295 VH
L 1250 - 8200 V
L 1250 - 8200 VWM
L 1250 - 8200 VH
L 1300-5000 V HP
Volume flow m³/h 50 … 200 135 ... 1550 1250 ... 8200 1300 ... 5000
Max. operating pressure bar [g] 16 (optional: 50) 16 , L 295 V: 11 11 40
Max. operating temperature °C 45, recommended less than 25 50°C, recommended less than 35
50°C, recommended less than 35 50°C, recommended less than 35
Max. service life h 2.000-3.500 10.000 10.000 10.000

* By connecting several activated carbon adsorbers in parallel, respective higher volume flows can be processed.


CLEARPOINT V active carbon adsorber
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Facts - Good to know

For the production of compressed air of ISO 8573 quality class 1, most operators use activated-carbon adsorbers that remove oil molecules from the compressed air by means of adsorption. As activated carbon also adsorbs water vapour, it can be quickly spent, especially where the air contains quite a lot of water vapour. At this point, the activated-carbon adsorber is no longer able to take up oil molecules, so that the concentration in the downstream compressed air exceeds the limit for quality class 1 (> 0.01 mg/m³). For long service lives and consistent low residual oil contents, the compressed air must therefore be dried before it enters the activated carbon.

See our fact sheet for more details...

Our measuring technology especially for oil vapour measurement

Compressed air contaminated with oil can cause damage to production equipment, the environment and even health. Since contamination with oil can occur at every stage of compressed air treatment, the risk must not be underestimated particularly in sensitive production areas in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage production facilities and surface finishing.

Using the suitable measuring technology, you can monitor whether the defined limit values are reliably observed. The METPOINT OCV compact continuously analyses the oil vapour content of your compressed air and triggers an alarm in the event of deviations. In contrast, the analogue oil test indicator makes periodic measurement directly at the respective treatment component possible.


The METPOINT OCV compact (Oil Content Vapour) makes continual online monitoring and documentation of the residual oil vapour content possible. The measuring section is located directly at the compressed air outlet of the activated-carbon adsorber. Thus the METPOINT OCV compact makes an important contribution towards boosting the process safety of your system.

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Enhanced safety through oil test indicator

An adapter with an oil test indicator and pressure gauge can be mounted on the head of the filter housing in order to determine the compressed air quality. When the needle valve is completely opened, a defined volume flow flows through the testing tube. The oil contained in the compressed air results in a progressively red discolouration of the testing tube from bottom to top.

The oil testing tube is used for period measurement of the residual oil content downstream from a treatment component in a compressed gas system or at a point in the compressed gas network. Multiple measurements are possible until the load limit has been reached.

Applications with oil-free compressed air

Sichere ölfreie Druckluft für die Pharmaproduktion

Safe oil-free compressed air for pharmaceutical production

For the production of medicaments, the strictest hygienic standards apply to the production conditions. This of course also applies to the required compressed air. It must be absolutely free from oil in order not to contaminate the sensitive products. In its factory in Singen, Germany, drug manufacturer Nycomed relies on a comprehensive system solution provided by BEKO to treat the process air in a reliably oil-free manner.

Druckluftaufbereitung in der Getränkeindustrie

Compressed air treatment in the beverage industry

Every hour, 150 cubic meters of purest mineral water are produced by the 14 wells of RheinfelsQuellen in Duisburg-Walsum. Enough to fill 883 bathtubs every 60 minutes – or more than 207,000 bottles. To add sparkle to the water, there is only one solution: oil-free compressed air fed to state-of-the art bottling plants and peripheral systems. The company uses an innovative catalytic process for the total oxidation of hydrocarbons in the compressed air system.


Compressed air in direct food contact at MEGGLE

Powdered lactose is pumped through pipes at Meggle AG using compressed air. The utilized conveying air has to be absolutely dry and oil-free in order to prevent clumping. This is guaranteed by EVERDRY adsorption dryers and activated carbon adsorbers from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

Oberflächenreinigung bei HELLA

Surface cleaning at HELLA

Blowing of high-performance electronics via pulsating rotary jets, and tracing of plastic housings with cleaning plasma jets: At the German automotive supplier Hella, compressed air takes over the central tasks in the surface cleaning of safety-relevant components. The most important requirement in this respect: the reliable, complete absence of oil.