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One housing for two filters


Sterile & Steam Filters

Hygienic high quality stainless steel Low differential pressures Variable connections

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Quality in every detail

Efficient sterile filters for germ-free compressed air in sensitive industrial applications

Many industrial applications require sterile compressed air and high flow rates at low differential pressures. CLEARPOINT® sterile filters offer efficient bacteria and virus removal as well as a high flow rate, even at low utilisation. They are ideal for sensitive areas such as the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The sterile filters are approved for indirect food contact, heat-resistant up to 180 °C and particularly durable. They are supplied in high-quality stainless steel housings. To maintain sterility, the sterile filters are regularly sterilised with saturated steam. For this purpose, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers the CLEARPOINT® steam filters, which use the same housing as the sterile filters.

  • Suitable for indirect food contact: All components comply with FDA CFR Title 21 & EC/1935/2004
  • Hygienic high quality stainless steel
  • Polished outer surfaces
  • Low differential pressures even at high flow rates
  • Plug-in connection for secure seating of the filter elements
  • Variable connection: by means of flange, thread and welding ends
  • Connections for steam traps and vent valves
  • 12 different sizes
Pure compressed air according to food standard

One housing for two filters

In sensitive areas such as the food industry, in dairies and breweries, but also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, CLEARPOINT sterile filters are a convincing solution: suitable for indirect food contact, usable up to 180 °C (356 °F) and particularly durable thanks to CLEARPOINT steam filters - each integrated in a high-quality stainless steel housing.

Sterilisation methods

DC and countercurrent methods in comparison

Direct current and countercurrent methods are two different approaches to sterilisation used in specific situations. The choice between the methods depends on the specific requirements and objectives of the sterilisation. Both methods offer ways to effectively kill bacteria and ensure cleanliness and safety in various industrial and medical applications.

Direct current sterilisation

The safest solution is direct current sterilisation with saturated steam. The valves in front of and behind the sterile filter are closed and the sealing plugs at the top and bottom of the sterile filter housing are unscrewed. Then the valve between the steam filter and the sterile filter is opened and the steam flows through the sterile filter, killing the bacteria. 

Countercurrent sterilisation

In some cases it makes sense to use counterflow sterilisation.  In this case, the steam flows from the clean side of the sterile filter through the filter housing. For example, if not only the sterile filter but also the vessel behind it is to be sterilised.


Sturdy design for extreme working conditions

Our sterile filters in use

Food processing

The use of sterile filters ensures that the food meets the required quality standards and is free from harmful microorganisms or contaminants. 

Beverage production

A sterile filter is used to remove harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts and moulds from the beverage stream. This is particularly important to prevent the growth of microorganisms during storage and to ensure the shelf life of the beverage.


A sterile filter also helps clarify milk and dairy products by removing turbidity, particles or suspended solids from the product stream. This results in a clear and appealing appearance of the products.

A safe system for the purity of your compressed air

Our steam filters in use

Chemical industry

A steam filter is used to remove particles such as dirt, rust or other solids from the steam flow. This is important to protect downstream equipment, such as steam turbines or heat exchangers, from contamination and damage.

Pharmaceutical industry

A steam filter is used to sterilise the steam from microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses or yeasts. This is crucial as high hygiene standards must be maintained in pharmaceutical production to ensure the quality and safety of the medicines produced.

Power generation

In the power generation industry, especially in steam generation in power plants, steam filters are used to clean the steam from particles and impurities. This helps to increase the efficiency of the turbines and the service life of the plants.



Compressed air filtration
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