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Dryers and filters in one: the DRYPOINT® M PLUS

The requirements for the degree of drying (pressure dew point) vary depending on the application, but should always be fulfilled with the least possible utilisation of energy. Furthermore, the dry compressed air must be available immediately. Prerequisites for this are a finely graded product range and the manufacturer's know-how with regard to the performance characteristics of the dryers under a wide variety of operating conditions.

The DRYPOINT M PLUS membrane dryer with integrated nanofilter has been the tried and tested solution for efficient filtration and drying in one housing for 10 years. It provides reliable compressed-air drying with low purge air requirement, requires no electrical energy and no environmentally harmful adsorbent agents. The integrated nanofilter increases the quality of the dried compressed air, the safety and long-term stability of the highly selective hollow fibre diaphragms. Since the compressed air composition is not altered in any way, the DRYPOINT M PLUS can be utilised for respiratory air processing.

Efficient in confined spaces

Integrating a compressed air filters and diaphragm dryer in one housing enables the DRYPOINT M PLUS to provide maximum safety and flexibility for the user. Due to its compact construction design, it is therefore suitable for use even in cases of limited space. The performance of the membrane dryer and its broad product range make it interesting for a variety of tasks.

DRYPOINT M PLUS can also be used where additional compressed air processing is required due to sophisticated plant technology e.g. As end-position drying at decentralised acceptance points. With appropriate preliminary filtration, use directly downstream of oil-lubricated compressors is also possible.

Practical: the integrated nanofilter

The nanofilter element in the screw-off, removable filter housing directly upstream of the hollow fibre diaphragm provides effective protection against aerosols and particles. The quality of the compressed air achieves Class 1. - . 1 according to ISO 8573-1 - depending on the condition of the incoming compressed air, additional processing measures must be implemented upstream of the diaphragm dryer.


The DRYPOINT M PLUS membrane dryer with an integrated nanofilter is the innovative solution for efficient filtration and drying in one housing. It offers reliable compressed-air drying at a constant compressed-air temperature, saves energy through low purge air demand and does not need polluting desiccants. In addition, filtration, which is directly connected ahead, prevents condensation upstream of the membrane.

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The FDR unit is a compact combination of filter (Filtration), dryer (Dryer) and pressure regulator (Regulation). It is an optimal solution for end-position applications. The FDR unit is delivered as a completely pre-assembled and only needs to be connected to the compressed air supply. The pressure regulator ensures constant pressure at the end position with 4 - 10 bar.

Do you have other requirements?
Due to our enormous experience potential, our experts understand the requirement profile of your application. Just contact us, we will be happy to advise you! Then we will find the optimal solution together with you.

DRYPOINT® M membrane element

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BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has been manufacturing the DRYPOINT M membrane dryer in the United States for more than 20-years and has been supplying these membrane air dryers to manufacturers of ventilation and respiration equipment as a component approved for medical technology for more than 15-years worldwide.  Thus, making the membrane dryer element a primary component of ventilation and respiration equipment.


Advantages of DRYPOINT® M Plus

  • Drying by means of partial vapour pressure equalisation of water vapour by diffusion in combination with a highly selective diaphragm
  • No alteration to the compressed air composition - therefore also suitable for respiratory air processing
  • Achieves the required pressure dew point with low energy input
  • Very fast availability of the dried compressed air
  • Filtration and drying, compact in one device
  • Housing made of sea-water resistant aluminium
  • Low-maintenance, deenergised technology
System compatible
  • Modular combinable with CLEARPOINT filter programme
  • Can be used anywhere along the compressed air processing chain - also integrable in system technology

Technical data DRYPOINT® M plus

[Translate to India (english):] Differential pressure 0.1 - 0.3 bar (depending on flow rate and size)
Filter, integrated Class 1.-1. according to ISO 8573-1 (additional upstream filters must be provided depending on the application)
Operating conditions * Temperature + 2 °C to + 60 °C / pressure up to max. 7 bar
  Temperature + 2 °C to + 50 °C / pressure up to max. 12.5 bar

* refer to downloads for additional performance data: Product Folder...

Downloads DRYPOINT® M plus

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