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High-performance compressed air filters

Most favourable air flow low differential pressures 10-fold lower lower oil outlet concentration

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Efficient compressed air filtration with minimal energy consumption

Discover CLEARPOINT 3eco - the energy-efficient solution for first-class compressed air filtration. With optimised airflow and high-quality materials, we lower the differential pressure by up to 50% and reduce the oil outlet concentration by a factor of 10. Rely on our innovative technology and the ECO label.

Certificated filtration

The future of clean air

CLEARPOINT 3eco offers safe and reliable compressed air filtration with the latest material and manufacturing technologies. Our optimised housing design minimises corrosion and maximises efficiency. Due to the high separation efficiencies, only 3 filtration grades (C, F and S) now meet all requirements. Our 3eco filters have been validated according to ISO 12500 by the independent institute IUTA. Experience improved quality compressed air and save operating costs in the process.


Our filters

CLEARPOINT Mix and Match


  • Differential pressure manometer
  • Differential pressure manometer
  • Oil test indicator complete
  • Differential pressure manometer


  • CLEARPOINT W water separator


  • BEKOMAT 20
  • Ball valve stainless steel
  • Ball valve brass
  • Float trap
  • Connection kit 11
  • Connection kit 15
  • Float trap
  • BEKOMAT 12
Reduce operating costs

Optimum timing for changing filter elements

Electricity costs for commercial enterprises have risen very significantly in recent years. This has shortened the economic useful life of compressed air filters. 

With the filtration of particles from the compressed air, the cavity volume in the filter element is reduced more and more, as a result the differential pressure between inlet and outlet of the filter increases continuously. To compensate for this difference, the compressor has to generate a higher pressure: To do this, it requires additional electrical energy and causes higher operating costs. The filter element should therefore be replaced at the latest when the additional energy costs (or operating costs) exceed the acquisition costs of a new element.

And by the way, new filter elements also ensure that the required compressed air quality is reliably maintained.

Higher separation efficiency

Structure of the filter elements

Threaded filters are integrated directly into the compressed air line. This can be done directly after the compressor or when branching off a separate supply line or even immediately before an application. Several threaded filters are often combined with each other in order to gradually reach the desired specification via step filtration. Threaded filters are available for a wide range of pressure levels. 


Function of compressed air filters

Coalescing filters combine different filtration techniques. In surface filtration, larger particles are trapped in a fleece by sieving effect. In depth filtration (or impact separation), solid particles and aerosols penetrate deeper into the filter bed, lose their kinetic energy, slow down and stick to fibres. In the depth of the filter bed, aerosols collide with the fibres due to Brownian molecular motion, migrate along the fibres in the direction of flow of the compressed air and form larger droplets. These collect in the drainage layer and reach the condensate discharge by gravity.

Operating principle
Filtration principle
Filter replacement
Safe, Clean, Economical Versatile

Practical details of a flanged filter

Flanged filters are used for particularly large volume flows and correspondingly large compressed air lines. They are connected to the compressed air line by a flange and can be mounted on the wall or on the floor. Here, too, there are different degrees of filtration and pressure stages.

Safe and high performance

Convincing in many industrial sectors

Laser cutting systems

By using a compressed air filter, problems such as clogging of the nozzles, damage to the optics, uneven cutting quality and premature wear of the laser system can be avoided.


Starting aid marine diesel

A compressed air filter in the marine diesel jump starter has the task of removing impurities such as particles, dust and dirt from the compressed air to prevent damage to the moving parts of the engine.


PET bottle production

A compressed air filter in PET bottle production ensures the quality of the compressed air to prevent surface defects, contamination and production equipment failures.




Compressed air filtration
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CLEARPOINT 3eco Threaded Filter
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CLEARPOINT 3eco Flange Filter
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Operating instructions

Manual CLEARPOINT 3eco coalescing filter
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CLEARPOINT water separator S040-M030
6 MB
CLEARPOINT V activated carbon filter with cartridge
3 MB
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First class compressed air filters

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