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Efficient treatment of compressed air

Compressed air is made by compressing the ambient air and is used in industry as an energy carrier for driving machines and as a medium for a wide range of processes. You will find numerous examples here under applications and industries.

Ambient air is made up of a mixture of gases (78 % nitrogen, 21 % oxygen and 1 % different gases). Under normal circumstances, people do not notice ambient air. Air cannot be seen or smelt and it has no taste. People only notice air following “contamination” of the ambient air with particles, aerosols, humidity and other contamination. It is precisely these undesirable components that have to be removed or significantly reduced, making compressed air treatment essential.

Compressed air treatment

The treatment covers the following: cooling, filtration, drying, condensate discharge. Although the energy medium air is available in almost unlimited quantities all over the world, its quality is not the same everywhere. Air differs in the different climatic zones due to different physical influences (e.g. humidity, pollution etc.) in the environment. This must be taken into account for compressed air treatment.

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Oil-free and germ-free compressed air

Effective protection against oil entering the compressed air system and process reliability in use with sensitive products such as food and pharmaceutical products – with interaction playing a very important role. Only the perfectly matched interplay between different treatment components guarantees the required compressed air quality. The possible sources of contamination are often underestimated.

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Compressed air and energy efficiency

Air and all gases have an important property – they can be compressed. This property and the high degree of availability makes compressed air extremely important for global industry. Compressed air is irreplaceable in many applications. Compressed air is a secondary energy source and always requires external energy, which makes it a cost-intensive medium. Optimisation lowers operating costs by efficient compressed air treatment, requirement-related dimensioning and energy monitoring.

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