Safe and energy-efficient compressed air application in the pharmaceutical sector

The Sinphar Group has been manufacturing therapeutics, health food and medical beauty products for over 40 years. The pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Taiwan, has an international presence with subsidiaries in Canada and China. Product developments focus on quality of life, health and technology.

Compressed air plays an important role in maintain­ ing quality standards. This is because it comes into direct contact with the product at some points during the manufacturing process and thus has an influence on its quality. The Sinphar Group uses compressed air, for example, as transport air and for drying bottles. Contaminants in the compressed air such as oil aerosols, moisture and dirt particles must be prevented at all costs, otherwise they can trans­fer to the product.

Since the Sinphar Group placed particularly high demands on the oil and sterility of the compressed air, it installed a highly efficient oil-lubricated compressor with BEKOKAT CC-720 catalytic converter in­stead of the conventional standard solution of an oil-free compressor with downstream filter or acti­vated carbon adsorber system.