Catalytic converter technology for oil-free compressed air: BEKOKAT®

For highly sensitive applications, conventional compressed air processing has technical and economic limits. BEKOKAT sets new standards in compressed air processing here with pioneering catalytic converter technology. The unit fully converts hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water through total oxidation. The method provides constantly oil-free compressed air with a maximum residual oil content of a barely measurable 0.001 milligram per cubic metre. With this performance, the BEKOKAT units surpass even the most stringent specifications of ISO 8573-1, Class 1 oil content. A quality that is required in particularly demanding production processes. The incidental condensate from the cooling of the compressed air is also totally oil-free and can be channelled into the sewage system without treatment. 

BEKOKAT provides constant oil and germ-free compressed air and oil-free condensate

There are huge differences regarding the efficiency of oil-free compressors on the one hand and conventional, oil-lubricated screw compressors with downstream BEKOKAT treatment on the other, which makes the latter a much more cost-efficient solution. In addition, the BEKOKAT units are relatively cheap, while the compressed air treated in such systems is of a constant high quality, irrespective of the air intake conditions.
The BEKOKAT is also ideally suitable for retrofitting into existing compressor stations. Any station with existing oil-lubricated compressors can be easily turned into a supply system for oil-free compressed air.

The intake air for the compressed air generation is generally contaminated with hydrocarbons. Even with an oil-free compressed air generation, this therefore means that a treatment solution is required. BEKOKAT provides constant oil-free compressed air, better than class 1 according to ISO 8573-1. The catalytic converter compressed air process breaks down all hydrocarbons in the air into carbon dioxide and water. It does not matter in this case from where they originate.

Certified safety for your processes

The higher the demands on the quality of compressed air, the greater the demands for documentation. Quality management requires the use of specific devices and a corresponding independent verification. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES provides this verification by utilising elaborate tests from independent institutes, which confirm and certify the performance capability for the BEKOKAT . In association with TÜV Nord, the verification was provided under real operating conditions to confirm that compressed air treated with the BEKOKAT exceeds the specifications according to Class 1 of ISO 8573-1.

In a second series of tests with the GfPS mbH (Society for Production Hygiene and Sterility Safeguarding), it was confirmed that contaminated compressed air is germ-free when treated with BEKOKAT . After treatment, no living bacteria could be detected at all in the compressed air flow anymore. In this way, test results from two renowned testing institutes independently prove the high effectiveness of the innovative catalytic converter technology. The two certificates provide you with the required safety in compressed air treatment for your sensitive processes.

Function of BEKOKAT®

BEKOKAT makes achievable constantly oil-free compressed air with a maximum residual oil content of a barely measurable 0.001 mg/m³ of compressed air. A quality level which is required in particularly demanding production processes.

On our YouTube channel you will find more videos about our company, compressed air preparation and measuring technology.

Advantages of BEKOKAT®

Technical data BEKOKAT®

BEKOKAT CC-060 CC-120 CC-180 CC-360 CC-720 CC-1200
Volume flow rate (m³/h) 60 120 180 360 720 1200
Max. operating pressure [g] 16 16 16 16 16 11
16 bar [g] version on request
Power supply 1 Ph. 230 V 50 Hz 1 Ph. 230 V 50 Hz 3 Ph. 400 V 50 Hz 3 Ph. 400 V 50 Hz 3 Ph. 400 V 50 Hz 3 Ph. 400 V 50 Hz
Install. Performance (kW) 1 1.64 2.6 5.1 8.7 13.8
Average Performance (kW) 0.52 0.86 1.33 2.17 3.26 3.75

Downloads BEKOKAT®

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Catalytic Converter BEKOKAT

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