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Management Board visits the solar project in Hyderabad

Since autumn 2017 BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GmbH provides support for a project from the children and juveniles organisation Don Bosco Mondo and their partners in India. A donation of nearly 18,000 Euros has enabled the Don Bosco Navajeevan Rehabilitation Centre in Ramanthapur, a borough in Hyderabad, to be equipped with a photovoltaic system. The rehabilitation centre in the capital of the southern Indian state of Telangana, provides socially disadvantaged and homeless children and juveniles with school or vocational training in addition to accommodation and meals.

The successful project ensures a power supply and creates energy saving possibilities

Around 120 children and 40 staff benefit from the power supply provided by the solar system annually. The self-sufficient power supply with climate-friendly solar energy ensures reliable power supply in the rehabilitation centre. The energy costs for the facility are at least simultaneously halved. The amount of approx. 6,000 Euros per year which is thereby saved is utilised for the education and accommodation of the children and young people.

Norbert Strack and Manfred Lehner, the CEOs from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GmbH, visited the rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad after it had been commissioned.

Sustainability in focus

"The project from Don Bosco Navajeevan impressed us from day one as it combines the social commitment and sustainable utilisation of resources with the essential values which are part of the corporate policy from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES. Another decisive argument for us was also the sustainable approach of Don Bosco Mondo and their local partners. The children do not just receive selective help, rather also a long-term perspective through the education provided”, says Lehner. “The close proximity to our subsidiary in Hyderabad also ensured a direct and personal relationship, which was then additionally intensified by our visit and the exchange with the project participants”, adds Strack.

Professional Project Management

Implementing the project was executed by Don Bosco Mondo and Don Bosco Navajeevan after the donation from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES was received, and in less than six months. The Management Board from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES were overwhelmed by the rapid and professional development which Don Bosco Mondo were able to achieve: “Complete transparency was provided for us at every point in time during the project”, said Strack.

The fundamental social idea has been an integral part of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES' corporate culture and values since the day the company was founded.

About Don Bosco Mondo:

With around 16,000 members, the Salesians of Don Bosco are the second largest Catholic religious community in the world. Following on from the example originally set by the Italian priest and social pedagogue Giovanni Bosco (1815-1888), they are currently involved in projects for disadvantaged children and juveniles in 130 countries worldwide. Don Bosco Navajeevan was founded in 1998 to benefit street children in Hyderabad, the capital of the southern Indian state of Telangana.

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