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Sensor technology for precise measuring for all influencing variables

Our compressed air sensors monitor every critical factor in compressed air processing in order to increase the efficiency, safety and efficiency of your production: with the dew point transmitter METPOINT DPM, , the pressure transmitter METPOINT PRM, the thermal mass flow meter METPOINT FLM and the leak detector METPOINT LKD.

METPOINT® DPM: Dew point measurement

  • Records the dew point of your compressed air via the relative humidity and temperature
  • Provides information regarding the functional capabilities of components
  • Suitable for mobile and stationary monitoring
  • Provides constant, up-to-date process data
  • Guarantees safety in the process chain
  • Sturdy stainless steel housing suitable for applications in extremely demanding process environments

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METPOINT® PRM Pressure monitoring

  • Precise and reliable differential and/or system pressure monitoring
  • Stainless steel thin film technology for excellent measurement accuracy of < 0.5%
  • Robust processing
  • Flexible for integration in various systems




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METPOINT® FLM: Volume flow rate measurement

  • Evaluates savings potential, provides the basis for intelligent energy management and enables the assignment of consumption shares
  • Measurement and display of volume flow, total consumption, flow rate and temperature.
  • Calorimetric measuring method is ideal for compressed air technology
  • Detects possible overloads or malfunctions
  • Indicates during production downtimes how much compressed air is lost due to leakage in the system

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METPOINT CID: Leakage detection

  • Detect the smallest leaks even at long distances
  • Extensive searches due to long battery life
  • Visualize potential savings
  • Data management of leakages

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METPOINT® UD01 and UD02: Information on site

The METPOINT UD01 and UD02 plug-in displays enable you to evaluate the quality of your processes directly on the system in real time and to intervene quickly should it be necessary. Simply mount the device on your transducer. The measured values can be easily transferred to a data logger such as e.g. METPOINT BDL or a superordinated control system.