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Condensate discharge with BEKOMAT

The electronically level-controlled condensate drain

Condensation occurs at virtually every point along the compressed air treatment process. In most cases, it contains oil and dirt particles that should not enter the compressed air system. We help you remove condensate from your compressed air and achieve the optimum quality for your application: with the BEKOMAT. The electronic level controlled condensate drain has become synonymous with efficient condensate discharge. Volume-controlled and with intelligent electronics to prevent compressed air losses, it minimises energy expenditure and costs. This is not only our view but that of many renowned compressor manufacturers who recommend the BEKOMAT  as they regard it as the safest and most economical condensate discharge unit currently available on the market.

The condensate discharge requirements are ultimately determined by the purpose for which the treated compressed air is used. We aim at offering our customers optimised solutions for their specific applications. With our comprehensive range of condensate drains, we cater for virtually all compressor types and performance levels, system pressures and operating conditions – including of course highly specialised applications.

How does the condensate drain work?

The BEKOMAT drains off condensate without loss of compressed air, thus reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions. This is made possible by the integrated capacitive sensor, smart electronics for level-controlled condensate discharge and a proven pilot controlled solenoid valve with a special diaphragm.

Cost-effective and reliable: BEKOMAT  standard drains

The BEKOMAT range provides the 12, 13, 14 and 16 standard drains for virtually every application, which are not just the correct solution, rather more also the most suitable low-energy solution. The integrated capacitive sensor for level-controlled condensate discharge helps save energy and enhances efficiency – which is what you would expect from BEKOMAT.

Unnecessary costs and damages during the compressed air generation can only be efficiently prevented with level-controlled condensate discharge. The BEKOMAT condensate drain therefore functions with a capacitive sensor. The intelligent electronics prevent compressed air losses and minimise energy consumption. Due to this the electronically controlled condensate drainage often pays for itself within half a year compared to units with time-controlled drain valves.

Condensate discharge without compressed air loss

If a float drain leaks, then high costs arise as a result of leaks. Time-controlled solenoid valves also cause compressed air losses. During the valve opening, expensively generated compressed air escapes unused into the environment. In contrast a level-controlled condensate drain guarantees discharge without any compressed air loss i.e. also energy loss. This not only saves energy and costs, but also CO2 emissions.

Robust and reliable

The standard design is made in corrosion-resistant aluminium, which makes the BEKOMAT particularly reliable and robust. A silver-coloured coating protects the outside of the housing. The BEKOMAT CO models are predestined for operating with oil-free or aggressive condensates. Their housing is additionally, completely glass bead blasted and protected by a high-quality hard coating.

Image right: Aluminium finish in the standard version, CO hard-coated for oil-free and aggressive condensates.

BEKOMAT 20 | 20FM for filters and water separators

The BEKOMAT 20 FM with integrated filter management (filter status time display and filter status control) is a cost-effective monitoring solution for the connected filter element. It is designed as a robust condensate drain for water separators, filters or similar applications and can be used both in systems with oil-lubricated as well as with oil-free compressors.

The plastic housing of the BEKOMAT 20 FM is equipped with an internal aluminium condensate container. The front panel is visible and can be operated from the top and the front.

Condensate drains with service concept – quick and economic

The innovative design of the BEKOMAT 31U, 32U, 33U and 33U CO  series enables simplified handling as well as installation and maintenance with minimum time expenditure. The devices consist of no more than three units joined together with quick-release connectors. The control and sensor units are only installed once, only the service unit (including all wear and pressure parts) needs to be exchanged for maintenance purposes. This robust condensate drain is suitable for both oil-contaminated and oil-free, aggressive condensates.

Comfortable and simplified maintenance

A service indicator informs punctually about the upcoming maintenance and/or exchange for the service unit. All parts which are subject to wear or are pressurised can be reached with one manual movement. Neither electrical installations nor the installation of seals and individual parts are necessary. The installation concept is also particularly user-friendly and time-saving: The device only has to be connected once electrically. The robust housing is also waterproof according to IP67. BEKOMAT 31U | 32U facilitates the connection to the compressed air system with an angle adaptor.
If the service unit of the BEKOMAT 33U is disconnected from the power supply and condensate receiver tank, then the supply tank always remains connected to the compressed air system. This saves time and effort during maintenance.

Condensate drains for special requirements

Based on our decades of experience, we have developed and implemented numerous additional functions for special requirements for our customers in a wide variety of industries, following on from on the classic advantages of the BEKOMAT. These have proved themselves in a wide variety of application areas - you can also now benefit from our unique know-how.

With no-load valve especially for high pressure, multi-stage and turbo compressors


Should the operating pressure of the compressor drop below 1.2 bar (e.g. with multi-stage compressors in the idling stage), then an additional no load valve opens. The condensate can then discharge without pressure. If the operating pressure exceeds 1.2 bar again, then the no-load valve closes and the BEKOMAT operates in its standard function.
The LP version has been specially designed for operating pressures that can drop to as low as 0.4 bar. High pressure versions are available for operating pressures up to PN 25 and/or PN 63 bar.

For applications in vacuum systems


The BEKOMAT VAC condensate drain has been specially designed for draining condensate and other media from negative pressure and vacuum systems with an operating pressure of 0.1 to 1.8 bar (absolute). They are also suitable for ongoing, process engineering processes under normal atmosphere. Designed to fulfil your specific requirements, the robust, level-controlled condensate drain is designed and built as a hard-coated version or as stainless steel.

For applications in large compressors


The complete housing of this BEKOMAT condensate drain is made of cast stainless steel and is therefore designed for use in aggressive atmospheres, as well as for the discharge of condensates from special gas compression. They are mainly utilised in petroleum plants and refineries, in the petrochemical industry and in crude or mineral oil plants. These are the largest electronically level-controlled condensate drain systems available on the market and have been specially designed and built for these requirements.

Also as ATEX version!

With EC-Type Examination Certificate for use in explosive environments, these BEKOMAT condensate drains are approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres according to ll 2G Ex ib llB T4 Gb. THE BVS 03 ATEX W 124 certificate of confirmity approves the applicability for explosive hazardous areas. Malfunctions in the condensate drain off are indicated and reported by the integrated self-monitoring with NAMUR interface. This therefore requires an external power supply, a switching amplifier is recommended.

Innovation: BEKOMAT i4.0

Our tried-and-trusted BEKOMAT condensate drains have been well known for decades for the operational reliability, durability and simple installation as well as their efficiency, economic efficiency and eco-friendliness. We are now going a step further and enriching the previous functionality with the advantages and benefits of the digital world. The new BEKOMAT i4.0 product range meets the expectations placed on IIoT-capable systems: Networkability, remote monitoring, flexibility and, above all, future-proofing.

Fusion of tried-and-trusted condensate discharge & digitisation

Networking with minimum installation effort

BEKOMAT i4.0 condensate drains are connected individually or in series using the stable Daisy Chain topology proven in networks. This reduces installation effort to a minimum and makes later expansion of the plant possible. A four-core standard cable is used for both voltage supply and data transmission via ModBus RS485 interfaces to a central control unit in control rooms, on compressors or dryers.  

Reliable planning with transparent costs

Thanks to the real-time visualisation of the performance and functional data of all condensate drains connected, simple and intelligent condensate management becomes possible. Thus status messages make important conclusions about the overall system possible, for example. Early warning and alarm signals permit service measures to be initiated in good time before failures occur, and optimum resource planning is possible.

Learn more about the new BEKOMAT i4.0 here


Applications of condensate technology


ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe, Duisburg (Germany)

The compressed air network at the Duisburg site of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG is over ten kilometers long. The volume of compressed air on site is correspondingly high. The turbo compressors require special BEKOMAT condensate drains for the high amount of condensate.


Surface cleaning at HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.

At the German automotive supplier Hella, compressed air takes over the central tasks in the surface cleaning of safety-relevant components. In the factory more than 40 BEKOMAT condensate drains, an ÖWAMAT oil-water separator, and a BEKOSPLIT splitting plant for the purification of emulsified condensates are employed.


Oil and germ free for medicine

Nycomed also relies on condensate technology made by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES: BEKOMAT condensate drains are installed and supply the accumulated condensate to an oil-water separator of the ÖWAMAT 15 type. This way, Nycomed is on the safe side as far as the processing and disposal of compressor condensate is concerned because they reliably meet all environmental regulations.


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