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BEKO TECHNOLOGIES as an employer

We concentrate on healthy and sustainable growth, on long-term ethical trading as well as economic independence. As a member of the team at BEKO TECHNOLOGIES, you can benefit from a continuous growth process which, at the same time, provides freedom for individual development opportunities. We are interested in long-term collaboration and therefore offer newcomers and existing employees diverse and long-term prospects. With attractive social and fringe benefits, we provide our staff with a feeling of high esteem and offer them economic security. 

We promote the professional development of our employees

We provide our staff with a working environment in which they can continuously develop themselves and feel comfortable. The personal development of all our staff is a very important matter for us. We therefore invest above-average time and money for this purpose. The results clearly indicate that this is the correct approach for our company.

In real terms, this means supporting each individual employee in the development of their individual abilities and enabling them to participate in additional, further training measures. In this way we can ensure the existence of necessary knowledge for the sustainability of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES in the future

Our comprehensive offer ranges from e-learning, specialist seminars, language courses, participation at congresses and conferences up to, and including, individual one-to-one coaching and leadership development. Furthermore, we train employees and customers in our BEKO Education Centre both in germany and the UK about compressed air technology. 


Occupation and leisure

Flexible working hours: We would like you to be able to work for us at your own pace. We therefore utilise flexitime, which means that you can work when you want to within a certain time span. 

Work-Life-Balance: Are you planning a trip around the world? Would you like to spend more time with your family? No matter whether you would like to take a sabbatical which lasts several months, or just reduce your working hours - we will endeavour to support you to be able to realise dreams!

Mobile working: The office is not the ideal workplace every day. You can work in many areas with our company, if necessary, simply from home.

Part-time: Irrespective of whether half day or three days a week with whole days: Every one of our part-time models is unique because we tailor-make it to your specific needs. The design of your own part-time work always is always executed in consultation with the supervisor and in accordance with your position and your area of work.

Professional development

Further education:Communication and project management training courses, product training in our own training centre, extra-occupational additional training or practical days in technical departments: Our additional training opportunities are as diverse as our staff. 

Career development: We agree personal goals with our staff annually. The basis for targeted personnel development measures at our company is the most accurate analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the willingness of each employee to develop.

Specialist or management career: Depending on the specialist knowledge and leadership skills, our staff are able to select their own individual career path.

Leadership development: We promote the core competencies of our staff by providing them with leadership responsibility - from excellent specialist knowledge, social skills up to leadership qualities.

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