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Refrigeration dryers: the most economical drying method for any system

Refrigeration dryers are used in compressed air systems worldwide and represent the current state of technology. Refrigeration drying is the most cost-effective technology for the drying of compressed air: The compressed air is cooled, so that water vapour in the air condensates inside the unit and can be drained off. For fluctuating volume flows, we recommend the DRYPOINT  RA eco, as its intelligent controls enables you to make significant energy savings. For applications where stable conditions are a key requirement, the standard DRYPOINT  RA direct expansion dryer is the most efficient solution.

Function of DRYPOINT® RA eco

With the expansion of the portfolio by DRYPOINT RA eco, refrigeration drying can optimally be adjusted to individual requirements: in applications in which stable conditions prevail, DRYPOINT RA is the number one choice; at a varying volume flow, DRYPOINT RA eco devices achieve optimum results at a reduced employment of resources.

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Tried and tested, utilised everywhere: DRYPOINT® RA

The DRYPOINT RA refrigeration dryer is the standard solution and therefore always the first choice for applications with stable operating conditions and constant pressure dew points of + 3°C. The large variety of models enable us to always be able to provide you with the correct solution for your requirements. Every one of them impresses with reliable drying, minimal compressed air loss as well as low energy consumption, even with varying work load. The tried and tested design of the DRYPOINT RA enables not only maximum functionality, but also reliable, safe and cost-effective operation.

Convincingly efficient with minimal pressure loss

A high pressure drop in the refrigeration dryer must be compensated for by an increased compressor performance and the therefore associated additional energy demand. The consequences are unnecessary energy consumption and significantly higher operating costs. In the case of DRYPOINT RA refrigeration dryers, the pressure drop has therefore been reduced to an absolute minimum. The essential elements here are the flow-optimised heat exchanger, a demister for safe separation and generously dimensioned components, which ensure a low pressure drop of 0.16 bar on average - in full load operation.

Sizes of the DRYPOINT® RA refrigeration dryers

DRYPOINT® RA 3600 - 13800

  • Control and monitoring of the integrated BEKOMAT via the system control
  • Potential-free alarm contact for transmitting alarm messages
  • Utilising low-vibration and energy-efficient scroll compressors
  • RS485 interface provides external control and monitoring capability
  • Recording alarm situations/alarm messages

Advantages of DRYPOINT® RA

  • For capacities from 20 up to 13,200 m³/h
  • Drying by utilising highly effective aluminium heat exchanger combination
  • Stable pressure dew point of + 3 °C by utilising a hot gas bypass valve with external pressure compensation and pressure controlled fan
  • Optimum protection of the refrigeration cycle by utilising low and high pressure switches
Extras integrated directly
  • Equipped with BEKOMAT as standard
  • Central system control for function control of the dryer and monitoring the integrated BEKOMAT
Environmentally and service friendly
  • Use of environmentally and ozone-friendly refrigerant with a particularly favourable GWP value (Global Warming Potential)
  • Cost-effective and rapid maintenance

Technical data of DRYPOINT® RA

  RA 3600 – RA 13200
Maximum compressed air inlet temperature +70 °C
Minimum/maximum operating pressure 4 ... 14 bar [ü]
Minimum ... maximum ambient temperature +2 ... +50 °C
  RA 190 – RA 13200
Refrigerant R407C

* refer to downloads for additional performance data: Product Folder...

economical: DRYPOINT® RA eco

The new generation of refrigeration dryers combines striving for economics with ecological responsibility. Efficiency has been redefined with the DRYPOINT RA eco series: Due to the entirety of the technical characteristics, pressure loss, compressed air loss and energy consumption can be significantly reduced. With fluctuating compressed air consumption, energy consumption is now optimally tailored to the requirement. The DRYPOINT RA eco utilises tried and tested technology and extends it with an intelligent energy concept.

Tried and tested system, intelligently regulated

The DRYPOINT RA eco refrigeration dryer represents optimised resource efficiency: The area of application is where compressed air systems and products must be reliably protected against condensate and contamination. The drying is executed via cooling the air. The resulting condensate is efficiently discharged via the BEKOMAT without compressed air losses. Reheating reduces the relative humidity of the dried air to less than 30%. The absorbed amount of energy is adapted to the required dryer performance. This method not only saves energy costs but also protects the environment.

The biggest savings are from the energy which we do not consume.

Up to 55% cost savings compared to conventional refrigeration dryers in the first 5 years by utilising the intelligent control system.

The DRYPOINT RA eco refrigeration dryer series continues on from the already successful DRYPOINT RA concept with low pressure loss, optimum heat exchanger design and BEKOMAT. Based on this, we have now developed two new regulating concepts for the different installation sizes, which directly adapt the drying performance to the requirements and thereby considerably reduce energy consumption.

DRYPOINT® RA 20-960 eco

  • For volume flows < 1,000 m³/h
  • Save energy costs with requirement-related switching off for the refrigerant compressor
  • Display of percentage-related energy savings
  • Potential-free contact for transmitting alarm messages

Energy efficiency by utilising an intelligent cycling system

For volume flows of less than 1000 m³/h, the DRYPOINT RA eco functions as a cycling dryer whereby the refrigerant compressor is switched off and on, based on demand. The intelligent cycling system is executed depending on the drying requirement and is regulated in such a way that the switch-off times can be optimally extended.

DRYPOINT® RA 1300-10800 eco

  • For volume flows > 1,000 m3/h
  • High energy savings with fluctuating drying requirements by utilising the unique combination of frequency control and downtime control
  • Implementation of low-vibration and energy-efficient scroll compressors
  • Intuitive 4.7” touch screen for simple and rapid function control - also for the integrated BEKOMAT
  •  Potential-free contact for transmitting alarm messages
  • RS485 interface provides external control and monitoring possibilities
  • Recording for alarm situations / alarm messages

Optimal combination of energy saving and drying performance

For volume flows exceeding 1,000 m³/h, the DRYPOINT RA eco combines frequency regulating of the refrigerant compressor with cycling operation. At these high output rates, the fan is also frequency-regulated, resulting in optimised dryer performance combined with lowest possible energy consumption.

Advantages of DRYPOINT® RA eco

eco benefits
  • Adaptation of power consumption to altered drying requirements
  • Energy savings with fluctuating volume flow
  • Active contribution to sustainability
Energy efficient and economical
  • Lowest pressure losses by utilising flow-optimised heat exchanger design
  • Lowest energy consumption by utilising balanced refrigerant compressor technology
  • No compressed air loss due to effective condensate discharge with BEKOMAT
Safe and reliable
  • Efficient condensate separation via integrated demister
  • Optimum protection for the refrigeration cycle
Ease of operation
  • Clear overview for all operating statuses
  • Continuous monitoring of condensate discharge
  • Unambiguous alarm information
  • Timely maintenance and service information

Technical data of the DRYPOINT® RA eco

  RA 20 eco – RA 70 eco RA 110 eco – RA 10800 eco
Maximum compressed air inlet temperature +70 °C +70 °C
Minimum/maximum operating pressure 4 ... 16 bar [ü] 4 ... 14 bar [ü]
Minimum ... maximum ambient temperature +2 ... +50 °C +2 ... +50 °C
  RA 20 eco – RA 135 eco RA 190 eco – RA 10800 eco
Refrigerant R134.a R407C

* refer to downloads for additional performance data: Product Folder...

DRYPOINT® RA/RS special models

Special application fields and requirements demand customer-specific solutions. Due to our wide product range of refrigeration dryers, we always have the right solution for you: irrespective of whether for high pressure applications up to 50 bar, particularly high compressed air inlet temperatures or aggressive ambient conditions. The DRYPOINT RA / RS special models and options enable us to also cover your customer requirements. As you expect, always with maximum safety and minimum energy consumption.

The refrigeration dryer for high inlet temperatures: DRYPOINT® RA HT

The DRYPOINT RA HT compressed-air refrigeration dryer has been specially developed for applications in which compressed air with high inlet temperatures up to 80 °C must be dried efficiently.

The well thought out and sophisticated, flow-optimised design ensures low-resistance flow for compressed air. The optimised refrigeration compressor technology also ensures low energy consumption with very stable pressure dew point.

Integrated CLEARPOINT® upstream filter with BEKOMAT®

The refrigeration dryer provides maximum safety with minimum energy consumption. The integrated BEKOMAT safely drains the condensate that is produced and with no unnecessary loss of compressed air.

The efficient construction design of the DRYPOINT RA HT compressed-air refrigeration dryer is the basis for cost-effective and safe operation - even with compressed air inlet temperatures of up to + 80 °C.

The refrigeration dryer for high pressure applications: DRYPOINT® RS HP

The DRYPOINT RS HP compressed-air refrigeration dryer has been specially developed for applications in which compressed air in the pressure range of 45 bar/50 bar must be dried efficiently. This is often the case during manufacturing from PET bottles, but also to start diesel units or geological drilling machinery.

Stainless steel plate heat exchanger of the DRYPOINT® RS HP

The sophisticated, flow-optimised design of the stainless steel plate heat exchanger ensures low-resistance flow of compressed air. The optimised refrigeration compressor technology also ensures low energy consumption with very stable pressure dew point.

Even more robust due to innovative TAC coating

Many industrial environments such as e.g. for agriculture, food technology or paper production contain aggressive media in the ambient air. These can have a negative impact on the operating life of a dryer. For optimum protection, we recommend the anti-corrosion coating.

With aggressive ambient conditions

The TAC anti-corrosion coating for all internal copper-containing components Extends the service life of the dryer many times over and increases operational safety.

Water-cooled compressed air refrigeration dryers

If you run a centralised cooling water system, you might opt for one of the following DRYPOINT RA models:
DRYPOINT RA WC Water-cooled compressed air refrigeration dryer. Water cooling allows for reliable drying – irrespective of the ambient temperature.
DRYPOINT RA TBH Water-cooled, with tube bundle heat exchanger – for grey water.
DRYPOINT RA SWC Sea water-cooled, with tube bundle heat exchanger.

Downloads DRYPOINT® RA

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DRYPOINT RA eco 1300-4400
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