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Conveying Air

The manufacturing processes of various industries include a requirement for loading and unloading raw materials, conveying intermediate and end products between machines and plants or systems. If compressed air is used during the conveying process, then this is conveying air. Since this is often integrated in the process, it is also sometimes referred to as process air.

An example of an application field for conveying air is transporting bulk materials because bulk goods are frequently transported via pneumatic conveying by pressure or vacuum conveying processes. The requirements for the compressed air quality depend on the type of bulk material and additional processing involved. Powdery or granular substances are often processed which frequently have hygroscopic properties (water attracting). If the compressed air which is implemented as a conveying medium is not dry enough, then it will cause lump formation. The advantage of conveying with compressed air is that the pipework is sealed and dust generation is therefore prevented. Furthermore, the pneumatic systems are variable and almost maintenance free. 

Moreover, products conveyed with compressed air are lifted off the conveyor surface. A so-called air bearing is created. The main benefit hereby is precision e.g. no stick-slip effect, as well as movement without friction. Therefore aero static air bearings are utilised for alignment and movement in e.g. measuring machines (e.g.: a rheometer) but also for uncomplicated transport for heavy loads.  


Application Reports


Compressed air in cement production

Ghacem is producing cement in Ghana since 1967 and uses purificated and dried compressed air for the manufacturing process generated by DRYPOINT RA. As conveying air for the required raw materials and as control air for pumps and control systems of the machines.


Compressed air conveys milk powder

Powdered lactose is pumped through pipes at Meggle AG using compressed air. The utilized conveying air has to be absolutely dry and oil-free in order to prevent clumping. This is guaranteed by EVERDRY adsorption dryers and activated carbon adsorbers from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.


Process and breathing air at Pfizer

Pfizer in Freiburg uses compressed air as process and breathing air. The compressed air comes into direct product contact and is used to supply air to employees in specialized areas for breathing. Constant monitoring is particularly important to Pfizer here.


Grafting for lime production

The company H. Oetelshofen GmbH & Co. KG transports limestone powder by conveying air in their factory through pipelines. The air is dried by an EVERDRY adsorption dryer by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES and prevents clumping in the pipe.