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Your partner for your individual system in compressed air processing

Your application is as individual as you are. Every industry, every company and every area has its own individual requirements, market conditions, and statutory objectives.

As a reliable contact and discussion partner who knows international practices, we know what it is all about. Our team of experts will work jointly with you to develop tailor-made solutions, will plan and implement your compressed air system. We will support you to fulfil the requirements for your application and thereby maximise their individual potential for energy savings, as well as guaranteeing operational safety.

Why do you need individual compressed air solutions?

Do you have oil or dirt in your compressed air? Or is the compressed air too humid? Do you have any other questions for compressed air processing?

System optimisation

Do you want to find potential for energy savings and need verifiable data? We can measure and analyse your compressed air system.


Do you have problems with compressed air in industrial production? We know solutions for problems when conveying, mixing, packaging, metering, filling and many additional processes where compressed air is utilised.


Do you need orientation for regulatory and normative requirements? We can support you when it comes down to compressed air-relevant subjects and assist you to achieve your application-specific quality classes.


Quality is the result of controlled processes. When you know all the relevant influencing variables for your compressed air, then you always have your quality and energy management fully under control.

Jointly developing and implementing individual solutions

Our experts will listen to you, analyse and advise you with their expertise to provide the optimum system solution for you.

  • Industry-specific and application-specific requirements
  • Investment and operating costs
  • Local acceptance provisions
  • Local application conditions, economical parameters
  • Specifying the type of system design
  • Developing individual solutions
  • Presenting the solution concept
  • Local application conditions, economical parameters
  • Implementing the project
  • In-house engineering from our experienced and competent team of experts
  • Installing the system on site
  • Optimum setting up and adjustment for local circumstances



Consultation appointment

Solutions, individual and exact


The fields of application for compressed air are multifaceted. Hardly any manufacturing company does not utilise it because compressed air is partially irreplaceable. The high cost for generating the compressed air is often pushed into the background. Would you like to learn more about the various applications, then take a look at our application page.

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Every industry has specific applications and requirements for the compressed air to be utilised. We are considered to be an expert for compressed air processing with manufacturing expertise and industry know-how and will be pleased to assist you with questions about your compressed air system. Further details can be found in our industry sector.

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Application Reports

Conveying air in a cement plant

Demanding compressed air treatment in cement production

Ghacem is producing cement in Ghana since 1967 and uses purificated and dried compressed air for the manufacturing process generated by DRYPOINT RA. As conveying air for the required raw materials and as control air for pumps and control systems of the machines.

Clumping of wet powder

Compressed-air processing in the food industry

Approximately 150 tonnes of powdered raw materials for milk replacers must be transported daily from the tanker trucks in silos to Nukamel. As a transport medium low compressed air is utilized as conveying air. If it contains too much moisture, the clumping threatens.



Pfizer in Freiburg uses compressed air as process and breathing air. The compressed air comes into direct product contact and is used to supply air to employees in specialized areas for breathing. Constant monitoring is particularly important to Pfizer here.

Compressed-air drying in the lime production

The company H. Oetelshofen GmbH & Co. KG transports limestone powder by conveying air in their factory through pipelines. The air is dried by an EVERDRY adsorption dryer by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES and prevents clumping in the pipe.