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Efficient compressed air treatment

Compressed air technology: efficient. intelligent. reliable.

Modern production technology needs compressed air. Depending on the application, the requirements range from dry and oil-free to absolutely sterile. We offer the right treatment technology for every compressed air quality. We are the only supplier on the market to provide you with the entire range of components for compressed air treatment. We only produce and process products that meet our high quality standards. We harmonise them so perfectly that they work together to create that little bit of extra efficiency!

Our best products

Compressed air products from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES

Condensate technology

Condensate is produced throughout the compressed air treatment chain and has a major impact on the quality and efficiency of compressed air. Safe and efficient condensate drainage using the electronically level-controlled BEKOMAT is followed by environmentally friendly and professional condensate treatment with QWIK-PURE or BEKOSPLIT.

Compressed air filtration

The energy costs of a compressed air system are strongly influenced by the pressure drop during filtration. A higher pressure drop requires more compressor power, which leads to higher energy consumption, premature wear and higher costs. The CLEARPOINT compressed air filters from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offer a better solution.

Compressed air drying

Moist compressed air causes corrosion on pneumatic tools and can impair the quality of end products. Our DRYPOINT and EVERDRY compressed air dryers offer an economical solution to safeguard your production process.

Compressed air oil-free

With CLEARPOINT V activated carbon adsorbers and the BEKOKAT catalytic converter, we offer customised solutions for the safe treatment of compressed air. Our systems prevent contamination in the production process caused by intake air containing mineral oil or bacteria. The use of BEKOKAT guarantees germ-free, ISO 8573-1-compliant compressed air, perfect for hygienically demanding processes.

Compressed air measurement technology

The quality of compressed air is affected by particles, residual water and residual oil, which has a direct impact on end products and consumer safety. METPOINT measurement technology provides you with the tools to monitor and evaluate your quality and energy management.

Compressed air process technology

Quality and efficiency also play an important role in other areas of process technology. Shorter cycle times can be achieved with compressed air cooling using BEKOBLIZZ LC, and where a stable compressed air temperature above room temperature is important, our CLEARPOINT H is used.