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Designed for extreme conditions


High pressure filters 100 to 500 bar

No corrosion No impairment of the filter performance No "seizing" of the threads

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Quality in every detail

Robust CLEARPOINT high-pressure filters for reliable compressed air cleaning

CLEARPOINT high-pressure filters offer robust housings and high temperature resistance up to 120 °C. They reliably filter solid contaminants, aerosols, oil vapours and odours. The special locking of the filter housings prevents leaks caused by vibrations. The housings, filter element caps and support cylinders are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and ensure a long service life. 

CLEARPOINT high-pressure filters are available in the pressure stages 100, 350 and 500 bar, optionally with manual drain and differential pressure gauge. There are different filtration grades for individual requirements.

  • Capacity range from 40 to 4,020 m3/h
  • All metallic components are made of stainless steel as standard
  • Determination of the economic element change by means of an optional differential pressure gauge
  • Element replacement even in confined spaces
  • Protection of the housing-screw connection by means of a clamping screw
  • Simple filter element change by means of hook wrench
  • Consistent documentation for traceability
Reliable performance, easy element change

What's in the CLEARPOINT® high pressure filter

Our filters are made of stainless steel as standard and offer outstanding performance. They are corrosion resistant, ensure reliable filter performance and allow easy element replacement, even in confined spaces. The additional safety features, consistent documentation and reliable sealing make them the ideal choice for various applications.

Safe and high performance

Convincing in many industrial sectors

Dive centres

High-pressure filters are used in diving centres to clean and remove impurities from the air divers breathe. These filters play an important role in ensuring breathing air quality in pressure chambers or breathing gas stations.




High-pressure filters are used in shipping for various purposes, especially for cleaning liquids such as fuel, lubricating oil and seawater.


Oil platforms

High pressure filters are used on oil rigs to filter drilling fluids, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and seawater to improve performance and ensure operational safety.







Compressed air filtration
16 MB
CLEARPOINT HP 100-500 bar
399 KB

Operating instructions

Manual CLEARPOINT HP 100 / HP 350 / HP 500
3 MB


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