BEKO TECHNOLOGIES provide high quality water chillers for any application

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES UK are pleased to introduce our range of industrial chillers. These industrial chillers are suitable for a variety of applications and industries such as laser cutting and machine tools, food and drink, automotive, medical, oil and gas, plastic moulding, agriculture and air conditioning.

Please see more information on the ranges:

The CWT chiller range was specifically designed to meet the application requirements of industry by offering precise control of refrigerated water temperature while operating over long time periods with varying load demands. This range includes 16 models with refrigerating power going from 7 to 128 kW.

The CWB FC chiller series has been designed for industrial processes and air conditioning plants which require cooling thought out the entire year. Energy saving and reducing cooling costs are the key benefits of a free cooling integrated chiller. Chiller and free cooling aeraulic sections are completely separated; this allows to maximize the regulation of the two working modes. The range includes 8 models with cooling capacity from 80 kW to 240 kW.

The CWV chiller series is specifically for comfort cooling applications. The range includes 13 models with cooling capacity from 260 kW to 1150 kW. These units provide reliable control of the chilled fluid temperature and operation on long time periods

MWC is a modular water cooled industrial chiller with scroll compressors and brazed plates heat exchanger. The cooling capacity is 35 kW for a single unit. Then MWC can be easily arranged up to 5 units in parallel, to reach a total cooling capacity of 175 kW. Thanks to its modular design, the MWC industrial chiller can match existing and future capacity requirements simply adding modules as needed. It can also be field-assembled in limited access mechanical rooms, standard doorways and onto typical freight elevators .

The CEN/HEN chiller range meets the application requirements of comfort cooling and wineries by offering precise control of refrigerated water temperature while operating over long time periods with varying load demands. The range includes 19 models with refrigerating power going from 10 to 95 kW.

The CDC industrial chiller series consists of air cooled water heat exchangers equipped with axial fans for outdoor installation dedicated to industrial and comfort cooling applications. For industrial applications, dry coolers are suitable for closed circuit cooling of various process liquids like food, power, process and general industries. The CDC dry cooler family (in Free-Cooling mode) consist of 11 basic models with cooling capacities ranging from 300 to 1200 kW.

The range of QBE industrial chillers has been designed to meet industrial requirements and provide accurate control of the chilled water temperature with the absolute reliability of continuous operation (with the option of hot bypass valve). This range is particularly suitable for process cooling during the moulding and extrusion of plastic, laser cutting, precision engineering, pharmaceutical and the food industry. They are available in 12 models with cooling capacities from 2-25 kW.

We also provide Biogas systems. Biogas, which is mainly produced from organic biomasses contained in plants and animal waste, is becoming increasingly important as a renewable energy source. These organic materials include agricultural residues, paper/cellulose production residues, wood, forestry, energy crops, landfills and animal waste.

Biogas is created by bacteria's anaerobic digestion of these materials. The production of Biogas for the world's energy needs, increasingly focuses on renewable sources and replaces common fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Before Biogas is fed into the grid, e.g. for electricity, heat or biomethane production, it must undergo filtration, to remove its high-water vapour content and screen out other impurities.

BEKO TECHNOLOGIES approaches this market with a dedicated range of process chillers, tube bundle heat exchangers and condensate separators. These can be equipped with particle filters and assembled on compact skids. These are process cooling units derived from our QBE and CWE indutrial chiller ranges, developed for outdoor installation and for working in particularly aggressive environments.