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Desiccant dryers

With DRYPOINT AC desiccant dryers we offer cold-regenerating and with EVERDRY heat-regenerating desiccant dryers. Both series are suitable for high quality requirements where very low pressure dew points must be achieved or at very high flow rates.

Cold-regenerated desiccant dryers DRYPOINT® AC

Reliable drying – even under high pressure: When the conditions are unfavourable and the air volume flows are higher, then the demands on the construction design of a compressed-air dryer are also higher. Our cold-regenerated adsorption dryer is particularly robust and durable due to its high-quality components. They remove the humidity from the compressed air in an efficient and safe manner by utilising a desiccant. A small proportion of the dried compressed air is subsequently implemented for regeneration. Compressed air losses are therefore retained a consistently low level and the operating costs are significantly reduced.


Heat-regenerated desiccant dryers EVERDRY®

The EVERDRY desiccant dryer  series offers standardised system concepts with a wide range of possible variations as a heat-regenerating adsorption dryer for compressed air. The highly complex tasks involved in compressed-air drying of larger volume flows can therefore be solved particularly economically. Customer-specific requirements can be fulfilled with individual solutions. In such cases it is not the availability, rather the solution-oriented, optimal technology which determines the concept for a drying plant or system. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES develops and project manages complete concepts which are tailor-made to the customer´s needs.

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