Controlling for precise quality monitoring

Compressed air contaminated with oil is a danger for production systems, the environment and also health. Since oil contamination can occur at any point in compressed air processing, the risk should not be underestimated, especially in sensitive production areas of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in food and beverage manufacturers and in surface technology. 

METPOINT® OCV compact: continuous oil vapour measurement

The METPOINT OCV | OCV compact monitoring system continuously controls the compressed air accurately and according to applicable standards for the residual oil vapour concentration and supports you for retaining the compressed air quality. You can therefore fulfil the required standards and gain the trust of your customers with responsible practices.


METPOINT® MCA: mobile unit for the measurement and monitoring

The METPOINT MCA is a mobile unit for the measurement and monitoring of the quality of compressed air. The measuring and analysis unit is delivered completely assembled and can be used directly. Different equipment versions allow the measuring unit to be adapted flexibly for individual requirements.