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Controlling for precise quality monitoring

Compressed air contaminated with oil is a danger for production systems, the environment and also health. Since oil contamination can occur at any point in compressed air processing, the risk should not be underestimated, especially in sensitive production areas of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in food and beverage manufacturers and in surface technology. 

METPOINT® OCV compact: continuous oil vapour measurement

The METPOINT OCV | OCV compact monitoring system continuously controls the compressed air accurately and according to applicable standards for the residual oil vapour concentration and supports you for retaining the compressed air quality. You can therefore fulfil the required standards and gain the trust of your customers with responsible practices.


METPOINT® MMA compact: For the quality of the air we breathe

We also have a reliable solution for highly sensitive areas such as medical technology: the METPOINT MMA compact compact provides permanent and reliable quality monitoring for respiratory air. The measuring device was especially developed for applications in hospitals.
With verification of compliance with the legally prescribed limitation values for content and pollutant materials, pharmacists in hospital businesses can adhere to the legally binding obligations of the European Pharmacopoeia. The complete medical compressed air circuit is continuously checked.