Process technology

Increased productivity and process reliability play an important role in industrial companies. Processes are constantly being improved and revised. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES supports you here, too, with many important additional components for your compressed air station. Whether heating or cooling the compressed air flow, compressed air storage tanks or start-up units are required. They offer you reliability, long service lives and consistently high quality in order to provide optimum treatment for your application. In addition, they make a significant contribution to more economical system operation.

BEKOBLIZZ® LC: environmentally friendly cooling at +5 °C

The BEKOBLIZZ LC compressed air cooler cools economically with +5 °C of cold compressed air - without utilising CO2 or N2. The compressed air cooler can be utilised, for example, in laboratories, workshops or in production and manufacturing facilities. The supply of cold compressed air can not only reduce cycle times in forming processes, rather also improve the quality of the surface structure.


CLEARPOINT® H compressed air heater

Our CLEARPOINT is the perfect solution for applications including frost-prone pipes or stable compressed air temperatures above room temperatures. The temperature range is selectable between 30°C and 60°C.