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Vision and Values

The values of our corporate management are characterised by respect, tolerance, solidarity, modesty as well as the open, modern and yet traditional way of dealing with each other.
For this reason, we also consider ethical and sustainable action, social responsibility, credibility and integrity as indispensable fundamental principles and benchmarks for our common work, such as cost-effectiveness and cost-awareness, continuity, fairness and professionalism.

The most important objectives of our company management are:

  • To maintain the independence of the company as a family-managed business
  • To generate values for employees as well as for society and the environment
  • To ensure healthy and sustainable growth
  • To retain the history and traditions of the company at the fore

These values and objectives are fully reflected in our corporate philosophy, in the company´s vision and strategy.


Sustainable utilisation of resources, materials and energy

Use of Resources

Our business activities make it possible to utilise resources more efficiently and to treat the environment more gently. We hereby concentrate on the development of internal systems and the creation of working conditions in all areas (production, logistics, ...) that function in a manner which protects capacity, materials and energy and thereby protects the environment long-term and sustainably. When developing products and solutions, we attach great importance to material utilisation, efficiency, waste generation and sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle.

Profitable, dynamic and sustainable growth


Independence for us primarily means preserving BEKO TECHNOLOGIES as a family-managed and self-determining company. This also includes not permitting dependency on individual customers, customer groups or entire industries, as well as continuous, healthy and sector overarching growth.


Social projects at all locations of the BEKO Group

Social commitment

Social commitment is firmly anchored in the history and values of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES. This includes, among other things, defined commitment on the ground, which addresses the local needs of the locations and alleviates the suffering and distress of people and is therefore suitable for creating a better life for them.

Appreciative corporate culture

Employee focus

We provide our staff with a working environment in which they can develop and feel good in. We expect responsible attitudes, objective-oriented and motivated action from our staff. In doing so, we support them because our staff are the source, driving force and guarantor of our success.

Our corporate culture creates trust in the collaboration between all our staff by promoting credibility, respect and fairness as well as the development of pride and team spirit.


Value-oriented collaboration

Strong partner

For us, collaboration stands for mutual strength in a joint reliable and trusting partnership - for both suppliers as well as customers - in a fair win-win situation. The reliability, competence and quality from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES hereby forms the basis for our partners´ decisions and their conclusion that BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is better for them than others.

Unique selling points, innovation and quality leadership

Technology leader

Real customer-oriented unique selling points and innovations, not only for products, rather also for complete system solutions, are the services that make us the technology leader. This starts with the complete range of product portfolios and extends on with our competence on to the presentation and the general behaviour towards the customer / partner.

For us, this also includes quality leadership as an expression of the reliability of products, a total solution in systems and problem solving at the customer´s facilities.

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