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Sterile Air

Sterile compressed air can be utilised both in the process as well as a conveying and control air. Its designation comes from the characteristic that the compressed air utilised must be sterile. This means that the compressed air must be free of propagating germs.

This requirement is specified everywhere where the operating standards for hygiene are particularly high. These are mainly the foodstuff and luxury food industries, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, packaging industry and medical technology. The reason for this is that bacteria, viruses, oil, water and dust can result in adverse effects in many areas for the product and will ultimately be responsible for causing health problems for the end user.
A sterile filter is mostly utilised in order to create sterile compressed air. In order to ensure that the sterile filter remains sterile, it must be sterilised at regular intervals with saturated steam. Another possibility is cleaning the compressed air with a catalytic converter. 

Process safety is essential for retaining and inspecting the sterility of the compressed air because failure to comply with the requirements can lead to reduced product quality, to recalls of products and therefore damage for end consumption as well as for the corporate image. Associated financial losses must also be considered.


Application Reports


Quality standards in coupling production

Absolutely oil-free and dry compressed air is needed by Flender in Mussum. Particularly in complex coupling production, the air must meet all the requirements of every application of process air to barrier air.


Surface cleaning at HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co.

For the implementation of sensitive components, the surface cleaning at the company HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co. is particularly important. The compressed air is purificated by BEKOKAT and used as process air to blow away dirt and dust.


Compressed air treatment in the beverage industry

Due to the extremely strict regulations in the food industry, RheinfelsQuelle H. Hövelmann GmbH & Co. KG uses BEKOKAT to produce absolutely oil-free compressed air, especially because the air as process air partly comes into direct food contact.


Oil and germ free for medicine

In the pharmaceutical industry, oil and germ-free compressed air is particularly important. Nycomed relies on CLEARPOINT compressed air filters and BEKOKAT. With compressed air, process air is used to clean packaging and control valves with control air.