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DRYPOINT® AC cold-regenerated adsorption dryers

Adsorption dryer for individual compressed air requirements


DRYPOINT® AC 119 -196

The compact adsorption dryer can be connected to any worldwide standard power supply. 20 different installation options make it particularly flexible.

For flow rates of 10 - 120 m³ / h.


DRYPOINT® AC 410-495 / HL

The innovative shuttle valve of this series allows flow even in the event of power failure, making the system particularly safe.

For flow rates up to 8200 m³ / h.



Standard in stainless steel - Maximum service life - Easy and fast maintenance. Properties that make this high-pressure dryer particularly sturdy.

For high pressure from 100 to 350 bar.

The compact adsorption dryer: DRYPOINT® AC 119 – AC 196

For volume flows from 10 – 120 m³/h, the DRYPOINT AC 119 – AC 196 cold-regenerating adsorption dryer guarantees a stable supply with high-quality compressed air by utilising high-grade, desiccant drying agent. The desiccant is filled in cartridges and extracts moisture from the compressed air up to a pressure dew point of -70 °C. An integrated after filter safely retains the resulting abrasion from the desiccant. This adsorption dryer thereby ensures a smooth, trouble-free and economical production process.

Compact construction design – benefits with quality, efficiency and service

The DRYPOINT AC 119 - AC 196 cold-regeneration adsorption dryer, combined with a CLEARPOINT compressed air upstream filter and optional BEKOMAT condensate drain off, guarantees maximum safety and performance as a true system solution. The DRYPOINT AC provides a stable supply of high quality compressed air by utilising high-grade desiccant and integrated compressed air post-filtration. With the integrated compressor synchronisation control system and a possible remote monitoring by utilising an alarm contact, this adsorption dryer ensures smooth, trouble-free and economical production processes and impresses with its flexibility and service friendliness.

Economical and service friendly.

You will profit with DRYPOINT AC 119 – AC 196 many times simultaneously. The energy-saving compressor synchronisation control system provides a considerable reduction in operating costs, as no regeneration air is utilised during the compressor downtime. In addition, energy costs are saved due to the low pressure drop of just an average of 0.35 bar, including upstream and downstream filters. The ongoing controlling and control system for the dryer is also impressively reliable and cost-effective. The potential-free alarm contact of the DRYPOINT AC enables it to be connected to a control room for remote monitoring and switching off. The DRYPOINT AC impresses as particularly service friendly for regular servicing, maintenance and in case of repair works. One example is the simple, rapid and clean exchange of cartridges during service works.

Versatile installation possibilities for flexible applications

The DRYPOINT AC 119 - AC 196 is prepared by utilising a multi-port for the most varied installation methods and installation conditions. Simply rotating the connection block (multiple-route manifold) enables the inlet and outlet connections for the air flow to be freely positioned. The DRYPOINT AC can be installed both horizontally and vertically due to the pre-tensioned desiccant so that a total of 20 different installation options are available. The multiple voltage supply possibilities with the DRYPOINT AC 119 - AC 196 enable it to be directly connected to any standard power supply and it is therefore perfectly suited for worldwide use.

Horizontal installation possible
Assembled laterally and on the front side
Assembled on the rear side

Advantages of DRYPOINT® AC 119-196


  • integrated compressor synchronisation control for efficient operation
  • flow-optimised pre-filter for low pressure losses
  • service-friendly dryer design
  • inlet filtration increases service life


  • compressed air of consistently high quality
  • low pressure dew point down to -40 °C
    (down to -70° on request)
  • constantly high degree of dryness
  • potential-free contact for remote monitoring


  • compact, space-saving design
  • multivoltage: Can be connected to any standard power supply worldwide
  • multiport: inlet and outlet connection freely positionable
  • horizontal and vertical installation possible

Technical data of DRYPOINT® AC 119-196

Standard preset pressure dew point (outlet) –40 °C/ -70 °C on request
Min. ... max. air inlet temperature +5 … +50 °C
Min. ... max. ambient temperature +5 … +50 °C
Electrical power supply 100 ... 240 VAC; 50 ... 60 Hz; 12 ... 24 VDC
Min. ... max. operating pressure 4 … 16 bar [g]
Volume flow rate 10,2 … 119 m³/h
Degree of protection IP 65

* Further technical data can be found in the product information below in the download area ...

DRYPOINT® AC 410-495 / HL reliable, innovative and safe

The adsorption dryer from the DRYPOINT AC and the DRYPOINT HL design series guarantee  and stable compressed air supply with increased quality by utilising a high-quality desiccant. The desiccant removes the compressed air humidity down to a pressure dew point of -40 °C, optionally down to -70 °C. This ensures smooth, trouble-free economical production processes.

The Pressure dew point control system and the compressor-simultaneous control system utilise the energy-saving potential particularly efficiently and reduce the operating costs considerably.

The innovative shuttle valve of DRYPOINT AC 410-495 with an internal purge air line allows for adequate purge air flow even in the event of a power failure, making the system „fail safe“. Sturdy galvanised press fittings, easy transport by means of a lift truck and access to all system components show that the unit has been designed with practicability in mind.

The combination of integrated CLEARPOINT upstream and downstream filters as well as BEKOMAT condensate drain off, in conjunction with the simple and intuitive operation, guarantee increased operating safety, not only with DRYPOINT AC but also with DRYPOINT HL.


Operating principle of the DRYPOINT® AC / HL

The cold-regenerated DRYPOINT AC adsorption dryer guarantees a continuous supply of qualitative high-quality compressed air. Two vessels filled with desiccant (3) are arranged in parallel. The compressed air is routed through the CLEAR POINT upstream filter and the BEKOMAT condensate drain off (1), which remove particles and condensate from the compressed air as well as the lower switching valve (2) and into the adsorption vessel (3). It is then dried there to the required degree of dryness (pressure dew point). It subsequently flows through the upper switching valve (4) and a CLEARPOINT downstream filter (5), in which any possible resulting abrasion from the desiccant is retained. The dried and purified air is now available for use. While the compressed air is dried in one vessel, the regeneration of the adsorption agent takes place in the other. For this purpose, a partial flow of already dried air is relieved via a nozzle (6) to atmosphere pressure and routed through the desiccant bed for regeneration before it is subsequently released through a silencer (7) into the atmosphere. The switch over between both containers is executed as time-dependent in a specified cycle, optionally also as dew point-dependent. The dew point measured value can, of course, be transferred on optionally to a data logger such as the METPOINT BDL.

Advantages of DRYPOINT® AC / HL


  • low operating costs due to extremely low differential pressure
  • energy saving due to compressor synchronisation control
  • PDP control (optional) reduces operating costs even further
  • loss-free and reliable condensate discharge through BEKOMAT

Robust and safe

  • reliable separation with CLEARPOINT filters
  • simple filter monitoring with newly developed filter management
  • fail-safe: flow even in case of power failure due to innovative shuttle valve
  • pressure gauge for pressure monitoring


  • service-friendly due to easy accessibility of all components
  • easy to transport by fork-lift truck
  • robust galvanised press fittings
  • low space requirement due to compact design

Technical data of DRYPOINT® AC / HL

Min. ... max. ambient temperature +4 ... +50 °C +5 ... +50 °C
Min. ... max. Inlet temperature +5 ... +50 °C +5 ... +50 °C
Min. ... max. Operating pressure 4 … 16 bar [g] 4 … 11 bar [g] , 4 … 16 bar [g] option
Standard preset pressure dew point (outlet) -40 °C -40 °C, -70 °C (on request)
Degree of protection IP 54 IP 54

* Further technical data can be found in the product information below in the download area ...

DRYPOINT® AC HP high pressure dryer 100-350 bar

When working under high pressure, the requirements for safety and reliability for a system are particularly high. The enormous pressures involved mean that the compressed air is considerably more contaminated by solid particles, oil shares and condensate. The DRYPOINT AC HP adsorption dryer is the linchpin in a performance-capable and safe high-pressure system. It not only removes moisture but also contamination reliably and economically from the compressed air.

Efficiency, quality and service for high-pressure drying

The DRYPOINT AC HP dryer is equipped with a compressor synchronisation control system as standard. The intelligent control system automatically saves the respective status of the process programme. The programme will be continued from the point at which it was interrupted with a restart. This therefore prevents an overload for adsorption desiccant. Operational safety and energy-saving coupling to the compressor operation are the advantages of this solution.

A highly effective calming space with separator and storage function is located at the inlet to the desiccant container. This ensures that condensate is kept away from the desiccant, bound together and transported away during regeneration.

Exceptional solutions for exceptional requirements

  1. The adsorption vessels are made in profiled stainless steel and have a large opening with a screw lid. This makes maintenance easy and even allows for proper inspections of the vessel inside..
  2. The high-performance stainless-steel filters reliably remove solids and oil..
  3. Pressurised components are made in stainless steel as standard..
  4. Two separate pressure reducers for control and regeneration air respectively ensure reliable operation at all times.
  5. The low pressure section is protected by a safety valve..
  6. The control and regeneration air is drawn off behind the afterfilter, ensuring extra reliability and accurate control..
  7. The DRYPOINT AC HP is equipped with a number of individual valve units. Their separate fixtures ensure that there is no extra load on the pipes and also protect the dryer against vibration. This enhances the operational safety of the dryer and reduces maintenance and spare parts costs.

Thanks to the compact design, the dryer fits into virtually any plant.


Advantages of DRYPOINT® AC HP


  • highly efficient adsorbent
  • operational reliability and energy-saving coupling to compressor operation through synchronisation control
  • dimensioning and adjustment to suit individual operating conditions and requirements

Robust and reliable

  • stainless steel as standard for maximum service life
  • all components and pipelines are mounted and relieved of stresses
  • insensitive to vibrations
  • sturdy frame with base plate


  • complete assembly certification by TÜV
  • design according to DGRL, AD-2000 (other designs on request)
  • safety valve in the low-pressure range to protect the control valves and downstream components


  • all components and parts are accessible from the front and screwed down
  • quick access to all components despite compact design
  • easier maintenance and reduced spare parts costs due to three independent valve units instead of one combination valve block

Technical data of DRYPOINT® AC HP

Standard preset for pressure dew point –40 °C
Optional pressure dew point –70 °C / on request
Min. ... max. air entry temperature +5 ... +55 °C
Min. ... max. ambient temperature +5 ... +50 °C
Electr. power supply (standard) 110 ... 230 VAC; 50 – 60 Hz; 24 VDC
Pressure and volumetric flow (min./max.) 60 m³/h at 100 bar[g]
830 m³/h at 350 bar [g]
IP class IP 54

* Further technical data can be found in the product information below in the download area ...


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